Video Surveillance Software on VMware ESX

The Video Surveillance Software C-MOR runs on VMware ESX servers, in VMware Workstation or Player. The base system with 3 cams can be ugpraded with additional IP camera licenses to a maximum of 15 cameras. C-MOR has many features. It records on motion detection and generates great time-lapse movies for presentations. C-MOR has interfaces for mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad or Android Smartphones and Pads. C-MOR also sends video alarms by email or text message on alarm (motion detection).

The intuitive mouse over preview lets you find quick and easy scenes. C-MOR safes your time!

c mor video surveillance console in vmware

VMware ESX Video Surveillance Features

  • High Performance 64bit Software
  • Select between pre-configured image and manual installation
  • Configure virtual hard disk up to 2TB (contact our support for larger disk space)
  • Disk space expansion by its needs
  • Upgrade function to up to 15 cameras*. Record one camera for free
  • Add single cameras as required
  • Optional Stacking to stack 6 units to max. of 90 cameras
  • 1 year free software updates (web update service)
  • Linux OS, no license costs for the video server system
  • No interference and no performance lost by virus scanner software
  • Only few steps for the installation within virtual server software
  • Use the cluster functionality and move the video surveillance between cluster nodes

Learn how quick and easy C-MOR gets installed on a VMware Server:

There is also a VMware template in the Downloads Page for the quick and easy deployment of a virtual machine!

Download the Video Surveillance Software now!

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