Video Surveillance on Windows PCs


The Video Surveillance Software C-MOR runs on Windows in a web browser. It is not needed to install any client software to use C-MOR. All software installation takes place on the device where the video surveillance software is installed. Of course the client and the software server can be the same device, your desktop computer.

The following screenshots provide an voerview of the C-MOR web interface. The biggest advantage provides the mouse-over-preview. Scenes in recordings can be found quickly with this technology. C-MOR safes your  valuable time!


Windows Video Surveillance Features

  • Easy and quick search of recordings scenes with ouse over preview
  • Play surveillance videos in your web browser from home or on the road
  • Start Page with live camera overview
  • 2 different video stream types, MJPEG, Script-Stream for different applications
  • Quickstart Page for access through slow bandwidth
  • Single camera streams in 3 different sizes
  • Motion detection with alarm emails
  • Centralized webcam management
  • Recordings selection by time and camera
  • Automatic deletion of recordings (no further management required)
  • Time controlled recordings and email alarms
  • Alarm recordings and emails at configurable times
  • SFTP support, use applications like Filezilla to download video surveillance recordings
  • Automatic FTP backup for archiving
  • Motion Detection Mask to optimize video recordings by motion
  • PTZ camera interface for easy convenient camera control
  • User Management with many settings and permissions
  • Easy camera and software update through C-MOR web update
  • Video surveillance for up to 25 frames per second
  • Time-lapse recordings (fast motion) with 1 frame per second or up to 1 frame per hour with up to 1 month long recordings
  • Supports night vision, low light, outdoor, WLAN (wireless), UMTS, PoE cameras
  • Supports mega pixel and moveable cameras
  • One-Click alarming on off function
  • SSL encryption, safe world wide access
  • Upgrade function to up to 15 cameras*
  • Optional Stacking to stack 6 units to max. of 90 cameras
  • Remote Access without Dynamic DNS!
  • Support remote access over mobile network (UMTS/LTE)
  • 1 year free software updates (web update service)

 * Please note that additional cameras interact with the memory capacity and processor performance


Download the Video Surveillance Software now!




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