Video Surveillance Functions


C-MOR offers the following video surveillance features and benefits


video surveillance self installation  

Powerful network video surveillance solution with ease of installation


C-MOR is the ideal solution for small to large scale IP based multi - camera digital video surveillance requirements. All connections are Local Area Network and Internet based, with none of the special cabling requirements for analogue cameras. The C-MOR configuration menu, with simple instructions covering all the typical configuration settings, including camera detection and IP address assignment, makes for ease of installation.

C-MOR Startmenu                           

Simple and intuitive user interface


C-MOR features an intuitive graphical user interface that allows you to view all the live camera images simultaneously and at the same time easy access to the stored video recordings. All critical information, such as the recording mode and recording schedule can be viewed within the same display.


Visit our live online C-MOR system and experience the user friendly interface!

             Access live and recorded video from anywhere          

Access live and recorded video from anywhere


No matter where you are, with internet access you can communicate with C-MOR using a PC, Mac, Tablet PC or Smartphone without having to preload any application software or drivers. By just simply entering the web address of the C-MOR system you can view live and recorded video from all the cameras.


C MOR video surveillance preview                           

Smart search of stored video recordings


With C-MOR, each connected camera can be independently programmed to record either by "motion detection" or "continuous/schedule recording" mode and the recordings are stored either by event or date/time stamped files. By positioning the cursor over the files, a small viewing window opens that rapidly replays the stored video data. This enables a recorded event to be quickly located, and then clicking on that file enables video play back at normal speed.


See for yourself the benefits of smart search, by previewing video recordings on a live system

video surveillance password protection                           

Password protection and encryption


Access to C-MOR is "user name" and "password" protected with the system administrator allocating user access privileges, for example enabling a particular user the ability to access live video but not stored video recordings. C-MOR can also be accessed via the internet using the "https" encrypted protocol.

video surveillance mediaplayer 300

No software installation needed for PC or Mac

C-MOR runs on any web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Chrome, without having to install any application software or drivers. Just simply type in the web address of the C-MOR system, enter your user name and password and immediately access the live video images, and stored video recordings..

vivotek 300

C-MOR supports most major IP video security cameras


C-MOR is preconfigured to support all the major brands of IP video security cameras such as Axis, Level 1, Linksys-Cisco, Mobotix, Panasonic, Sony, TP-Link, Vivotek and many more. When using video cameras from different manufactures C-MOR provides a unified video image to the user, irrespective of the video camera manufacturer.

A comprehensive list of tested and supported cameras by manufacturer and model


Video surveillance using iPad, iPhone and other Smartphones and Tablet PC's


Although C-MOR can be accessed using PC's and Mac's, very often it is more convenient to access C-MOR using the wide range of Smartphones and Tablet PC's that are available, especially when travelling, or away from your desk. All of C-MOR's features and functions are accessible using Smartphones or Tablet PC's without having to install any software, Apps or drivers.


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