All C-MOR Video Surveillance Features


The video surveillance system C-MOR supports many features. To give you an overview please read through!


Supports the most camera supported resolution

Resolutions like 2048x1536, 1920x1080, 1280x1024, 1280x960, 800x600, 704x576, 640x480 pixels and many more are supported by C-MOR

View high resolution live camera in smaller dimensions

View many high resolution cameras at once on one monitor in preview style window.

Supports MJPEG, JPEG, MPEG4/H.264 standards

Support of the most IP camera vendors (C-MOR V5)


Supports HTTP and RTSP Streams

Support of the most common video surveillance streaming protocols (C-MOR V5)


Access full features through the web interface

Use the C-MOR web without the installation of any surveillance software. Simply start over whatever you get on a new device

Remote access via web with low bandwidth consumption

The great preview is a perfect feature for low bandwidth access. Watch in preview and download video recordings if necessary only

One click download of video surveillance sequences

Access recordings easy and fast. Combine many short recordings to one long video

Control PTZ cameras on mobile devices

Even if the camera self does not work on that mobile device, C-MOR enables the access. This works for ActiveX cameras very well.


Quick Preview function

Even in areas with slow Internet connectivity users can get the required videos and online view of cameras. A little preview windows displays the content of a video recording.


LTE/UMTS support for areas without a wired Internet connection

Use the preview in UMTS environments for fast access.


Single Frames recording, use single photos

In some application areas required to have single frames of recordings.


iPad support (without App installation)

If you want to show a friend surveillance videos he has not to install an APP first. Simply start over!


iPhone support (without App installation)

Simply use any iPhone to display videos.


Android support (without App installation)

Simply use any Android to display videos.


User permission and access interface, ACLs (access lists)

Grant single users permissions to camera views and recordings.


Time based IP camera recordings

If you run a store it makes sense to disable recordings during the day. C-MOR records at night time only.


Time based IP camera motion recordings

Use C-MOR during defined times as live monitor and record during other defined times motion recordings.


Time based alarm emails with attached alarm videos

C-MOR sends alarm emails during defined times. During disabled alarm email times it records only motion. Great feature to monitor stores with action during the da.


Holidays Configuration

Configure holidays with extra alarm time-table configuration.


Motion detection for all camera models

Camera manufacturer independent C-MOR records with smart motion detection different model.

SMS and Email alarm

Get automatically alarm on your cell phone, iPhone, Android, if C-MOR detects motion. Recordings are added to emails. Be informed on the road or know what to do on certain alarm types.

Time-lapse/fast motion recordings

Make great long-time recordings of scenic views or make video records of scientific evaluation.


3 standards for viewing: Java, Motion JPEG and JavaScript-Pull

This enables users to use C-MOR on many different clients like Apple Macs, Windows, Linux, iPhones, Android and many more.


Support for many web browsers

Most modern web browsers, such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari or Chrome work great with C-MOR.


Support of many operating systems

C-MOR works with common OS' such as Windows, MacOS and Linux.


Integration of many camera models from different manufacturers

Different camera models from different manufactures are hosted in one and the same surface.


Night vision camera support

Of course C-MOR supports night vision cameras to record nasty things at night!


PTZ camera support

Control moveable cameras directly in the C-MOR web without explicitly logging into the camera.


Spy camera support

Make spy recordings with spy cameras.


Support for analog cameras (CCTV) through adapters

Build a hybrid system with C-MOR which enables users using old analog monitors and new IP video surveillance technology togethe.


Alarm on camera failure

Get an alarm email if a camera is not available. Be aware of any vandalism or sabotage.


Picture mask for motion sensor area

Reduce negative motion warnings with a picture mask. E.g. bushes in the wind can cause motion alarms.


Privacy mask in combination with camera models

Some IP cameras have a privacy mask feature. This mask overwrites private areas with black bars to avoid the recording of such areas.


Automatic deletion of oldest recordings

C-MOR runs alone without any maintenance 24x7. The operating system is very reliable, safe and robust.


Automatic FTP backup of recordings

Store recordings automatically over night or manually to a FTP server prior its purged from C-MOR.


Virus safe Linux system

Linux is very safe and stable. No virus was successful yet spreading out on Linux systems.


Camera upgrade function

Add more camera licenses over Internet if another camera was installed.


Record up to 30 frames per second per camera

Depending on the network and the camera model C-MOR records a high frame rate.


No limitation on users

Set up as many users as you want. Give each of your clients/colleagues an account with certain rights on live views and video playback.


Search video events by time

All recordings are listed by time in tables. Define the time to list motion recordings to find the searched event quickly.


SSL encryption, secured access

C-MOR secures the data. This makes camera access safe through the Internet even the camera self does not support SSL encryption.


No additional software licenses required

Mostly it's needed for Windows based surveillance software for proper licensing.


Virtual Machine Support

Get C-MOR NVR software running on a Apple Mac Computer or other Virtual Server Systems like VMware, Xen or Hyper-V.


Software update service

Update your C-MOR over the Internet with frequent bug fixing and improvements.


Engineering team for planning, consulting and support

C-MOR has a great team for implementing video surveillance systems.


Optimized Apple Mac support

Use all features without any limitations on Apple Macbooks, MacMinis etc. The C-MOR web interface is optimized for Macs if configured for each user separately.


Remote Access without Dynamic DNS or router configuration

Access C-MOR from the Internet even no Dynamic DNS works with your connection. NAT router need no C-MOR configuration.


Video Surveillance Stacking of 6 units

Stack 6 C-MOR units to one surface with single sign on, load balancing for up to 90 cameras.


Download free version

Get a free version and test C-MOR with one camera, full featured.



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