Video Surveillance C-MOR Change Log File

The Video Suveillance Change Log contains a history of the changes made in C-MOR.

 Version   Date  History and Changes
5.10 2018-03-05 New, improved user management within the system administration
Introduction of display names (first and last name) for users
Warning pop-up message before final deletion of a user
Replacement of IFRAMES in video recording tables with DIV containers for larger previews and movies
New enhanced preview pages with configurable thumbnail sizes (thumbs with 142, 190, and 284 pixels) and previews (Motion Snapshot Preview with 200, 240, 280, and 320 pixels)
Improved Motion Snapshot preview for time-lapse shooting, multi-column output when only time-lapse videos are selected
Optimization web interface for iPads, callable for iPad screen, zoomable
Optimization mobile interface for iPhones, call fitting for iPad screen
Bug fixing in automatic delete function
Improved Motion Snapshot Preview for time-lapse recordings, preview interval appropriate to recording interval
5.XX 2018-01-23 Added more URLs for Vivotek, Axis, Hikvision and INSTAR to camera configuration.
5.01PL05 2018-01-05 Fixed a link to single frames for motion detection recordings. Link is only displayed when single image recording is enabled
Multiple html code fixes
Several navigation buttons exchanged so that form data is kept
Fixed bug in PTZ configuration. PTZ URLs can now include quotes, etc.
Direct links to the camera web interface improved. If recorded via known streaming ports, the camera will now be linked to port 80 of the camera instead of the streaming port
System Status page links to the update URL for admin users when new version is available.
One-time info email when new version is available
Initial language selection German/English introduced in web interface and VGA console
Navigation enhancement, mouse-over text display, which shows user the use of combinging multiple download videos as one
5.01PL04 2017-11-27 Fixed Error in load display in system status page. Very high load was not displayed.
Fixed SSL certificate activation bug. In some cases a new certificate could not be activated.
Extension of the system text console with SSL switching function if C-MOR is no longer accessible over web.
Improved display of network data in the system text console.
Single-stream window cursor scrolling feature fixed after Firefox update to make scroll keys working in all browsers. Function is needed at high resolution live views which do not fit on the screen.
Modifications for Safari browser, lower edge of live view was truncated in single stream windows.
Fixed bug in English PTZ configuration page that was displayed in wrong language.
Camera failure alert emails now contain the IP address of the affected camera.
Improved mobile home page, camera overview. Consolidated overview for users who are not authorized for all cameras.
5.01PL03 2017-09-19 E-mail sending improvements with Exchange 2016 servers and other e-mail servers. Alarm e-mails were partially discarded by the mail servers.
small troubleshooting in the e-mail store page.
5.01PL02 2017-09-11 Critical error fixing in delete function, too many continuous recordings have been deleted in some cases in single recording delete page
5.XX 2017-08-25 Added Reolink IP cameras to the configuration database
5.01PL01 2017-08-03 Improvement in handling motion detection mask, live image is displayed in configuration even no mask was uploaded
Corrected HTTPS logout in iPhone website
Corrected script stream delay: Delay did not always work for iPhone and Android smartphones
Output of camera number in warning messages when camera fails
5.XX 2017-06-06 Added Samsung and many other cameras to configuration database
5.01 2017-05-26 Final version with new partition table to install C-MOR with storage larger 2TB with a special installation guide
Fixed wrong listing of backup files for C-MOR with more than 9 cams
CSS extensions for buttons in motion detection mask and stream selection
Correction of various buttons, wrong height
Improved navigation in setting deldays in System Administration and saving motion detection mask
Optimizing E-Mail Subject to have a better overview which camera sent the alarm email
Fixed version update check, new version availability indication did not work
5.XX 2017-04-24 Added RTSP Sinocam to camera configuration database
5.00PL01 2017-03-20 Pre-Version with new partition table for installations with storage space larger than 2TB (previously only possible via za-internet)
Published VMware Image with VMware Management Tools
This version is not available as an update
4.13PL02 2016-12-05

Bug fixing in camera update page, wrong update info between specific versions
Fixed navigation errors in single image page navigating back to movie list
Display error "no recordings found" in iphone and mobile pages
Text and typo improvements in the camera configuration page

5.00 2016-11-14

Finale Version of C-MOR Video Surveillance V5.00 after a long testing period
New, easier camera licensing
Fixed some small errors
Changed E-Mail Alarm Attachments to MP4
Improved Log out put in System Status page

5.00beta13 2016-10-30

Improved software installer with better USB device support
New Kernel for better hardware support and security fix
Direct hardware installation support
Released USB stick version for improved direct hardware installation

5.00beta11 2016-10-21

Implemented new Kernel V4 for better support of newer server hardware
Fixed typos
Fixed logic error in shutdown page

5.00beta10 2016-10-18

Fixed some SSL issues
Display status of 30 days trial license
Added shutdown option if disclaimer is declined

 5.00beta09   2016-10-15  Implementation of SSL certificate management including upload function and CSR / key generation
Online check for new versions
Fixed typos
Switched web passwords to MD5 encryption for more security and password length greater than 8 characters
This beta version is also a stable version
5.00beta08 2016-09-05 Released new version with improved time-lapse recordings
5.00beta07 2016-08-30 Revised beta version
Fixed beta version error
Added new parameters for bandwidth saving in video live streams
Larger log display and output in system status page
Improvements for stability
This Beta version is a very stable version
5.00beta04 2016-08-25 New C-MOR version 5 with support for RTSP, MPEG4 and H.264 cameras. New settings for cameras. Support of many camera models which were not supported under V4.
4.13PL01 2016-08-15 Hotfix, fixed error in live stream for mobile devices and iphones
4.13 2016-08-09 Improved the stability of the system
Comprehensive security update for the web interface
Resolving critical security holes
Updates for web libraries
Expansion of Llicensing unction
Various bug fixes and adjustments
4.12PL13 2016-06-02

Fixed live stream for iPhones IOS 9 to enable zoom functionality again
Corrected camera database update, newer updates couldn't be applied

4.12PL12 2016-04-21 Fixed live stream display size for iPhones IOS 9
4.12PL11 2016-03-15 Security updates GLIBC hole
Deployed the tool "recover-db-table" for restoring defective database tables
Introduction of Desktop View Buttons in the pages for mobile devices
Correction of minor bugs
4.12PL10 2016-02-09

Improved various navigation buttons design and function
Improved display modes optimized for iPhones and Android phones of newer generation
Fixed error in e-mail settings, this can be completely erased now
Introduced system uptime display in System Status page
Improvement of live streams in the desktop pages for tablets
Inserted missing break rows in system console
Introduced mouseover camera location flashing in the desktop side header menu

  4.12PL09   2015-12-04 Improvement of password handling, so that special characters in passwords work better, also in the console
Display the camera location in Single Stream window
Remedy navigation Failed to save Mail settings. Mail settings have been deleted unintentionally
Text corrections in the mobile and iPhone page, a text output was only in English
Troubleshooting in start page, in a few cases, the error graphic was displayed in wrong size
  4.12PL08   2015-11-07 Fixed display errors of thumbnail livestream in camera pages with cameras in edgewise view
Added STARTTLS mail parameters after some providers made STARTTLS E-Mail encryption mandatory
  4.12PL07   2015-10-02 Introduction of standard sizes for all Stream camera streams in the start page and in the camera pages
Selection of stream dimesions between fixed 4:3, 8:5, 16:9 and 19:10 streams
  4.12PL06   2015-09-12 Implementation of German menu in iPhone and mobile sites, based on language configuration
Adding configuration of the storage times in individual camera configuration pages
Minor formatting fixes
  4.12PL05   2015-07-24 Correction of the video preview position for Android smartphones
Replacing various back buttons for compatibility to Safari / Chrome browsers
Improved iPhone / Android live view page when camera is activated
  4.12PL04   2015-07-07 Introduced support for 8 megapixel cameras
Fixed some minor spelling errors and adjusted Button Designs
Mobile pages /mobile and /iphone revised, improved and corrected logic error
Larger buttons for Android smartphones /mobile implemented
Script Stream Delay is now also used in mobile sites for iPhone/Androids
Improved recovery from database crashes
  4.12PL03   2015-06-02 Enhanced configuration and selection of the camera type, improved selection form
Insert camera name and location in warning messages
Minor improvements in the global settings and camera configuration
  4.12PL02   2015-05-20 Released C-MOR VMware Version, OVF-Template with VM-Tools for fast and easy import. Go to  Video Surveillance VMware Download Page
  4.12PL02   2015-05-07 Added feature Recording Mode, select to generate motion detection or permanent videos
Added feature, select number of frames for sudden lightswitch for very slow cameras
Fixed a bug, switching all cameras of, only for C-MOR15 models
  4.12PL01   2015-04-27 Resolves an update error, for large video databases, website text was not imported
Apple Home Button Icons made available again after it did no longer work after iOS updates
Improved logic for camera license upgrades
Playing Videos on iPad improved to avoid annoying password requests with iPads
Added and improved various navigation buttons
  4.12   2015-04-16 Alphabetical sorting of the backup files
Implemented uniform buttons across the surface
Improved navigation in some web menus
Various camera models have been added
Troubleshooting in the license installation in the English web
Troubleshooting in the delete function of individual videos in the English web
Security improvement, enhanced passwords handling in password change function
Optimizing the alarm off/on function, to avoid multiple activation
Added system name to mobile pages to improve bookmarking
---   2015-03-17 Added camera support for Siemens CVMS-2025
  4.11PL11   2015-03-01 Bug fixing, Firefox 35 and newer do not play JavaScript for single streams in Script Stream Mode any more.
New logout function to prevent false-negative phishing messages in various browsers.
  4.11PL10   2015-02-10 Security Update for GHOST Linux Vulnerability
Improved Email function, multiple email addresses can now be configured
Introduction of warn message before recordings are deleted or uploaded
Improved VGA console. In some cases C-MOR showed a black screen
New predefined name sever in the start configuration
  4.11PL09   2014-12-18 Update to support connectivity to email providers with the newest SSL standards.
Update mail server configuration. Some settings were only activated after a reboot.
  4.11PL08   2014-12-11 Released C-MOR Image for XenServer Version 6.2 and higher.
This is not as update available since it's only an install image update.
---   2014-12-10 Added camera support for LevelOne FCS-5042, Instar IN-5907 and Scricam PTZ
  4.11PL07   2014-11-10 New C-MOR installer with improved overview and simplified, automatic installation
This is not as update available. C-MOR self is same as V4.11PL06
  4.11PL06   2014-11-03 Fixed wrong positioning of the preview window in /mobile for Android Devices using Chrome Browser
Improved displaying of main pages for Android devices by HTML code
Fixed error in time and date selection for Android Pads
  4.11PL05   2014-10-14 Security Fix for Shell Exploit
Fixed error in listing wrong period of recordings in iPhone and mobile page
Added date of recording for all videos in iPhone and mobile pages
Added number of found videos for better navigation
Changed video playback for IOS devices. Since Apple IOS 8, devices (iPhone/iPad) do not support web authentication any more. This caused that iPads and iPhones with IOS 8 could not play recordings any more.
  4.11PL04   2014-09-01 Fixed error in Email Alarm. Alarm was not sent when certain time table configurations were set.
  4.11PL03   2014-09-01 Fixed error in playing time-lapse recordings with an iPad
  4.11PL02   2014-08-16 Improved playback of preview videos over slow bandwidth connections
Introduced Motion Snapshot Preview for mobile pages
Little text improvements
  4.11PL01   2014-08-15 Corrected error in playing timelapse-recordings
  4.11   2014-08-12 Improved FTP Uploads, added uplod stop function
Added several navigation buttons for improved navigation
Improved design parts in the System Administration page
Extensive re-design of video pages with Motion Snapshot Preview of all recordings
  4.10PL03   2014-06-05 Console Extension with additional network check which resets the network if the network settings are corrupt and C-MOR is not responsible
  4.10PL02   2014-06-02 Fixed some errors in single deletion page
Fixed an error in the motion detection selection form in iPhone page
  4.10PL01   2014-05-30 CSS Error Fixes for Internet Explorer 10
Fixed table Design for Internet Explorer
Fixed missing PTZ control opening single stream from camera page "show-movies"
  4.10   2014-05-27 Improved design, buttons and backgrounds
Improved design for iPhone and mobile devices
Implemented new System Administration with a better overview and drop down menus
Introduced mail log file in System Status page for mail flow analysis
Introduces System Name for a better assingment of C-MOR warn/video mails
Implemented automatic refresh of system graphs
Implemented automatic replacement of German umlauts for better compatibility
Security Update of the mail system
Overall 200 file updates
  ---   2014-04-16 Added Support for Logilink WC0009 Camera
  ---   2014-04-02 Added Support for TrendNet TV IP672 PI Camera
  4.02PL01   2014-03-29 Implemented German Language in the Console Menu
Improved Console Output and Network Configuration
Implemented Language Selection in the Console Menu
Several, smaller improvements
  4.02   2014-02-14 Added support for Hyper-V 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1
Added support for Vivotek 8371E Night Vision POE 3 mega pixel camera
Added support for 3 and 4TB disks for C-MOR-P11 Series
  4.01PL07   2014-02-08 Improved text output in the setup console
Raised keep time for recordings to 3 years
Fixed smaller bugs in web front end
Released new ISO and VirtulBox install images
  4.01PL06   2013-12-20 Fixed error in the function which switches motion detection by time table. The switching between motion detection and non-motion detection times did not work under some circumstances.
  ---   2013-12-15 Added Support for Sony SNC-EP521 PTZ IP Camera
  4.01PL05   2013-12-07 Fixed error in general motion alarm function. Motion alarm has changed settings to on/off self under certain settings.
  4.01PL04   2013-11-14 Fixed error in deleting single JPEG recordings.
Fixed error in logging when email alarm was switched off
Improved code for delete recordings
  4.01PL03   2013-11-04 Raised max. size for download videos to 8GB.
  4.01PL02   2013-10-21 Improved initial setup with default DNS servers.
  4.01PL01   2013-10-16 Bugfixing configuration error which disabled download of huge videos.
  4.01   2013-09-28 New function, global buttons to enable/disable motion detection and email alerting with one click.
Added global function buttons to iPhone and mobile devices page to switch enable/disable motion detection and email alarting Bug fixing, user accounts with empty passwords are no longer possible
Improved License Installation check, to avoid disabling C-MOR after licensing error
Updated multiple camera configurations
New version released, new manual is pending.
  ---   2013-09-02 Added support for Trendnet TV-IP572 PI IP Camera
  ---   2013-08-16 Added support for AVIOSYS 9070CS IP Camera
  ---   2013-07-30 Added support for ABUS-SC TVIP60550 IP Camera
  ---   2013-07-17 Added support for Level1, WCS-6020 Pan/Tilt IP Camera
  4.00PL02   2013-07-01 Bug fixing, email alarming on camera lost did not work because of an install image setup error. Please save language settings once manually to fix before installing this update.
Console IP setup fix, old IP routes were not cleaned up correctly
Time-table error, motion detection alarm by time table was not set correctly
Restore of camera backup did not update threshold value
Bug fixing, SASL AUTH settings for emails were not saved correctly
  ---   2013-05-08 Added support for StentofonBaudisch Baudisch.CP-CAM
  4.00PL01   2013-04-18 Bug fixing, email alarms without attachment were not sent
Bug fixing, missing output text in language database for stored email address
  ---   2013-04-13 Added support for Cisco CIVS-IPC-2611
All versions
  2013-04-12 Corrected error in disk space monitoring
Restructuring free version (C-MOR Free VM) for the use of 1 camera without limitations.
Extending FreeVM with licensing. The FreeVM can be upgraded to a full version.
Adding update feature to FreeVM to install updates through a subscription. Updates were not possible before.
Introduced extra checks for online updates to avoid omitting important updates. This avoids broken systems because of wrong updates.

The new C-MOR V4.00 will be available on April, 15th 2013.
Full versions
  2013-04-05 New feature for preview on Windows 8 Tablet Computers to use C-MOR without a mouse.
Full versions
  2013-03-12 New base operating system, Linux 64bit with new C and graphics libraries, a new web server, new database system
Updated the time zone files and daylight saving time information
Larger frames as images in the Quick Start pages
Improved output in restart and shutdown pages
Improved navigation in different pages
Launch new page backup.pml for camera backup and the transfer of time tables
New network-reset function via VGA console and password protection
Set dummy camera pictures to 640x480 pixels for better representation

Full pre-release version. C-MOR V4.00 will be available on April, 15th 2013.
Full versions
  2013-03-11 Implemented backups for camera settings. Download and upload camera settings, take over camera settings from other cameras.
Implemented function to copy time table settings from other cameras and between general time tables, motion detection time tables and email alarm time tables.
  ---   2013-02-07 Added support for Grundig GCI-K1526T
  ---   2013-02-02 Added support for Brickcom CB-101A and CB-102A
Full versions
  2013-01-23 Implemented holidays handling in time tables. Holidays are flexible configurable.
Added parameter to display number of changing pixels in the video. This is usefull to configure motion detection. Improved camera selection. Improved selection overview
Small corrections.
  ---   2013-01-15 Added support for Mobotix M1, M22 and D24
  ---   2013-01-10 Added support for ABUS TV IP21551 camera with pan/tilt configuration
Full versions
  2013-01-08 Fixed error in single cam view when Java was enabled.
Full versions
  2013-01-04 Implemented new video preview for time-lapse recordings. Before the first frame of the recording was displayed. Now the first 10 frames are previewed.
Corrected some text and HTML errors.
Full versions
  2012-12-28 Improved iPhone page and enabled screen scaling.
Changed preview from 160px to 200px wide videos.
Video preview is displayed directly under mouse pointer now instead on the right side of the mouse pointer.
Long camera location definition were cut too short in the start page.
Improved TCP-socket closing, sockets were blocked in some cases too long what result in slow restart of cameras.
Version, user and disk usage info is now shorter. Text was wrapped in stacking mode.
  ---   2012-12-13 Added support for Axis P1214 mini camera
Full versions
  2012-12-12 Added Android Pad support for main pages of C-MOR Web
New picture motion detection mask handling with overlaying the mask on the live snapshot
Improved navigation during configuration with extra navigation buttons
  ---   2012-12-12 Added support for Level1 FCS-6010 camera, recording and Pan Tilt setup
Full versions
  2012-12-11 Fixed an error in the new update module. Updates showed up again, even installed. This concerns only verson 3.76PL3
Full versions
  2012-12-03 Changed Single Script Stream startup to show real size picture at the beginning instead of compressed smaller image
Improved Internet update service to hide already installed patch level versions
Improved camera update service to hide already installed camera version
Added buttons to switch of all recordings for software updates
  ---   2012-11-26 Added support for AV TECH AP 0174 camera
  ---   2012-11-14 Added support for Arecont Vision 1125 DR camera
Free VM
  2012-11-05 Released new version for remote access without Dynamic DNS or router configuration for Free VM version
C-MOR enables users to access C-MOR through NAT firewalls or to private IP address UMTS/LTE connections
14 days free trial for remote access
  3.76PL2   2012-10-30 Added support for large disks with up to 16TB storage space (e.g. RAIDs).
  3.76   2012-10-24 Released new version for remote access without Dynamic DNS or router configuration
C-MOR enables users to access C-MOR through NAT firewalls or to private IP address UMTS/LTE connections
  ---   2012-10-22 Added support for Sony SNC-DH260 camera
  ---   2012-09-05 Added support for Brickcom OB-130NP camera
Added support for all other Brickcom cameras (experimental)
Added support for D-LINK DCS-6511
  3.75   2012-09-03 Implemented Stacking Functions for iPhone and Android (Mobile Devices)
  3.75   2012-08-27 Renewed C-MOR Stacking Management Module for stacking 6 C-MOR Units to one sign on device
Renewed C-MOR Stacking Client Module
  ---   2012-08-11 Added support for DB Power VA035K camera
  3.74PL3   2012-07-24 Changed Version number display and included patch level in version number
  3.74PL2   2012-07-19 Added place holder for PTZ cameras to display MJPEG streams correctly in Firefox 14.0.1
  3.74PL1   2012-07-12 Bug fixing in single video surveillance streams, script stream delay did not work all the time
Bug fixing, thumbnails in script stream were not in correct height if dimension was not 4:3 ratio
  ---   2012-07-12 Added support Bosch IP cameras NBN 832 and NBC 255
Free VM
  2012-07-02 Released new Android Mobile supported version
Full VM
  2012-06-26 Implemented new /mobile web for compatibility with Android. Play back of recordings without App/Player/Web browser update on Android 2.3 and higher
Changed format for email attachments for iPhones/mobile Devices to MP4 to play back on Android and other handhelds
Extended recordings selection for iPhones up to 30 days
Fixed Bug in camera not available alarm for C-MOR15
  3.723 Free VM   2012-06-08 Implemented alarm by email time timetable
Bug fixing broken links
Full VM
  2012-06-01 Bug fix. Motion alarm emails date was displayed erroneous
Full VM
  2012-05-24 Released new feature, alarm emails triggered by motion by time table
  ---   2012-05-08 Added support for D-LINK 942L IP cameras
  3.722 Free VM   2012-04-14 Fixed wrong translation in single recordings deletion
Free VM
  2012-04-13 Fixed error in date format setting
  3.72   2012-04-12 Fixed bug, multiple movies playback when recording was restarted
Added CPU load Graph to system status
Added new directories for new code base
Fixed bug in FTP archive/upload with newer FTP servers which refused accepting uploads
Improved update, added automatic update path based on current version (only full version)
Added extra time 1 hour gap within email warnings. Camera failures will not be sent again within this gap
Fixed bug in wrong email motion alarm, time-lapse recordings caused alarm emails
Added selectable date formats for date and time in the video
Changed year selection to text field in recordings selection for better recordings selection
Changed email address form to enable removing email addresses also for camera alarms
Fixed some typos and corrected grammar
Added mouse pointer indicator in browsers to indicate a video download started. This is very useful for huge downloads and when C-MOR converts recordings to Apple Mac format
  ---   2012-04-10 Added support for Vivotek FD8134 IP cameras
  ---   2012-03-24 Added support for Atlantis 501NVW IP cameras
  ---   2012-03-10 Added support for Axis M3114-VE IP cameras
  ---   2012-02-28 Added support for INSTAR IN-3010 and IN-4010 IP cameras
  ---   2012-02-23 Added support for Edimax IC-3005 IP camera
  ---   2012-02-10 Added support for Axis M3113-VE IP camera
Full VM
  2012-02-09 Imroved partitioning for large disks with 2TB for full automatic installation
  3.7141   2012-01-30 Fixed logic error in user settings
  ---   2012-01-29 Added support for INSTAR IN-2905 IP camera
  ---   2012-01-21 Added support Logilink WC0012 IP camera
  3.714   2012-01-05 Implemented support for cameras with 800x600 pixels and 1080p (1920x1080 pixels) resolution
Improved navigation in camera configuration
Added timeout in script stream live view background process to reduce system load
  3.7131   2011-12-22 Released full version with 30 days trial period
  ---   2011-12-20 Added support Visicom Cameras N3071, N6071, N9071
  3.713   2011-12-09 Fixed logout not working any more on extra ports 9000/9443
Added disk status to start screen, with warning if disk space gets low
Fixed errors in displaying the preview. After the latest Apple IOS updates this didn't work properly any more
Added a logout button to the iPhone interface
  3.712   2011-12-03 Improved kernel for supporting VMware without extra IDE disk.
  ---   2011-11-07 Added support for LevelOne FCS-3071 camera
  3.712   2011-10-28 Added Bitrate config option in cases the bitrate can't be set automatically
Text correction in setting permission to change password
  ---   2011-10-26 Added support for LevelOne FCS-3051 PoE Dome camera
  3.711   2011-10-22 Fixed Video Playback Quality
Added Home Icon for iPhone and iPad
  ---   2011-10-07 Added support for LevelOne FCS-5041 camera
Added support for ABUS TVIP71500 camera
  3.710   2011-10-05 Improved handling for Apple Mac Computers to play videos without VLC/Codec Update
Video start in Safari/on Mac automatically in Quicktime
Improved handling for Safari Web Browser
Adding Noise parameter to reduce failure in motion detection
Improved video playback quality for iPad users
Fixed link error in iphone web interface
Fixed video playback quality in iphone web interface
Added disclaimer for first time users
  ---   2011-09-27 Added support for Airlink 101 AIC600W camera
  ---   2011-09-26 Added support for LevelOne FCS-3091 camera
  ---   2011-08-31 Added support for Axis M1013, M1053, M1311 and M1114 cameras
  ---   2011-08-30 Added support for Hamlet HNIPC30 camera
  ---   2011-08-13 Added support for LevelOne FCS-5051 camera
  3.709   2011-07-22 Improved stream output, flickering may occur in error case when C-MOR trys to open Script Stream
Corrected error in mail setup if no relay host was entered
Optimized database parameters to avoid high load DB processes
Re-wrote code for camera startup to improve the startup and recording
  ---   2011-06-29 Added support for Trendnet TV IP312 camera
  ---   2011-06-14 Added support for Panasonic WV-SP102 and WV-SP105 IP cameras
  3.708   2011-06-10 Fixed bug which caused older Windows PCs not playing recordings
  ---   2011-06-08 Added support Level1 FCS-0030 IP camera
Full VM
  2011-06-04 Improved the handling of adding 2nd NIC after installing the VM version
  3.707   2011-06-01 Changed recording Codec to newer MPEG4 for motion recordings
Fixed wrong error picture
  ---   2011-05-31 Added new camera type TP-LINK TL-SC3171G to the camera menu
Added new camera type Planet ICA HM-131 to the camera menu
  ---   2011-05-04 Added new camera type ACTi ACM-1431 to the camera menu
  ---   2011-04-26 Added new types of some Intellinet and Zonet cameras to the camera selection menu
  3.706   2011-04-21 Added width and height parameters to configure menu to use this parameters as optional configuration
  3.706   2011-04-20 Fixed language and grammar errors in English configuration pages
  3.706   2011-04-14 Improved iPhone interface, with button links for easier navigation
Implemented codec re-write for time-lapse downloads for better compatibility
  3.706   2011-04-12 Implemented function to download multiple time-lapse recordings at once for huge mega pixel recordings (eg scenic long time recordings)
  3.705   2011-04-02 Updated web style CSS files to show propper web pages in Windows 7. All web pages are affected. In summary 80 changes, put table settings in global CSS file, corrected headers and borders.
Improved navigation for changing the IP address in the web interface.
  3.704   2011-03-30 Fixed a display error after recent Windows 7 updates
Free VM
  2011-03-25 Corrected output string in show version for Free VM version only
  3.703   2011-03-25 Changed HTML-Code in Camera page since Firefox 4 couldn't execute the video search form any longer
  3.702   2011-03-24 Fixed a bug in resetting the IP address after VM was copied
Improved first startup and startup when DNS server is not reachable
Free VM
  2011-03-22 Added new feature which enables the change of the IP settings in the console windows
  ---   2011-03-21 Added new camera type LevelOne FCS-3081, night vision/low light dome IP camera
  ---   2011-03-17 Added new camera type LevelOne FCS-1151
Free VM
  2011-03-16 A major update version 3.70 of the Free virtual machine C-MOR has been released and is available as download
New features are better error handling in lost camera signal and proxy usage for camera updates
  ---   2011-03-09 Added new camera type AVTECH AVN212N
Updated URLs for Axis default streams after Axis firmware changes
  3.70   2011-03-09 Added email over SSL support for status emails and video surveillance alarm emails.
  3.70   2011-03-07 Implemented console IP output and console boot messages. If a monitor is connected users can see console messages. This feature was available in the free VM video surveillance version since December 2010.
Corrected error in the Quickstart page when a too big live picture was shown in some error cases
  3.70   2011-03-04 Implemented better error handling if IP camera is not reachable or the live stream does not come up. C-MOR shows an error picture in this case now.
Improved error handling on lost IP cameras, retrying mode changed
Self signed free SSL certificate has the hostname now.
  3.70   2011-03-02 Corrected translation errors in camera setting page
Corrected logic error in describing permission settings
  ---   2011-02-28 Released new P11 desktop series with 3, 6 and 9 cameras
  3.70   2011-02-21 Added proxy configuration menu for Internet access through http-proxy servers.
Added proxy to update function
Added proxy to license upgrade function
  ---   2011-02-17 Added webcam Linksys/Cisco PVC 300 to webcam and PTZ pre-configuration menu.
  3.652   2011-02-03 Added support for new Dell servers and network cards used by Dell
  3.652   2011-01-10 Fixed error in single frame permanent recordings
Fixed error in time based recordings
  3.653 VM   2011-01-11 Virtual Machine Video Surveillance C-MOR Version 3.653 is available through the C-MOR web. Errors in permanent single frame recordings and time based recordings have been fixed.
  3.652   2011-01-02 Virtual Machine Video Surveillance C-MOR Version 3.652 is available through the C-MOR web. It includes a bug fix for playing time-lapse video surveillance recordings.
  3.651   2010-12-14 Virtual Machine Video Surveillance C-MOR Version is available through the C-MOR web and can be free downloaded.
  ---   2010-12-02 Released first Virtual Machine Beta Version for free download and use for 3 cams. Started video surveillance tests in Virtual Box and Xen
  ---   2010-11-30 The SMC Networks Cameras, night vision, wireless camera SMCWIPCFN-G2 and night vision, PTZ, wireless camera SMCWIPCAM-PZ have been added to the C-MOR camera selection menu
  3.651   2010-11-18 Added a function to check disk space before installing updates
  ---   2010-11-11 The Axis 212 PTZ camera has been added to the C-MOR camera selection menu
  3.651   2010-10-22 Fixed an error in showing scroll bars in recording window even if not necessary
Fixed an error in the FTP auto upload and delete function
Fixed an error in the user default settings after upgrading to version 3.65
  3.651   2010-10-12 Fixed permission error for cam 1. Scheduled motion detection could not be changed.
  3.651   2010-10-12 Fixed permission error for cam 1. Scheduled motion detection could not be changed.
  ---   2010-10-11 The JVC PTZ Camera JVC VN-V686 has been added to the camera selection menu.
  3.651   2010-10-11 Fixed error in Systemstatus, too many cameras were checked in some cases.
  3.65   2010-10-07 Finalized Version 3.65 with user profiles
  3.65   2010-10-07 Improved NIC availability check for System Administrations Page
  ---   2010-10-06 Added Sony SNC-CH180 and SNC-CH210 to the camera selection menu
  3.65   2010-10-04 Improved NIC availability check for System Administrations Page
  3.65   2010-09-28 Added profile features for granting access to view Quickstart, Recordings, System Administration and Systemstatus
  3.65   2010-09-24 Added permissions to recordings for each user selectable
  3.65   2010-09-20 User password change permission can now be granted by admin
  ---   2010-09-17 Added Vivotek IP7142 to the camera selection menu
  ---   2010-09-09 Added LevelOne FCS-3031 PoE Dome Camera to the camera selection menu
Added LevelOne FCS-3061 Infrared Dome Camera to the camera selection menu
  3.65   2010-09-06 Start of user profiles, Added new pages for user profile configuration
  3.641   2010-09-01 Improved performance of the auto clean up daemon, since it was slow under some circumstances
  3.65   2010-08-26 Introduced language database for later use
  ---   2010-08-23 Added Panasonic BL-C210 camera to selection and PTZ menu
  3.64   2010-07-09 Released Version 3.64 with general OS Updates
  3.63   2010-06-15 Added new improved preview of motion detection recordings. Instead of one frame a small video is shown with the content of the recording
  3.63   2010-06-14 Improved live stream startup time after reconfiguring camera parameters.
  3.63   2010-06-08 Fixed error in restart recording after activating a motion picture mask
The Webcam password field is now a hidden field
The SMTP Authentication password field is now a hidden field
  ---   2010-06-02 -Added ABUS-SC IP10550 to the camera selection menu
-Added ABUS-SC IP11550 to the camera selection menu
-Added LevelOne WCS-1090 to the camera selection menu
-Fixed LevelOne FCS-1091 configuration parameter error
  3.63   2010-06-02 Enabled scaling for iPhone in the live view page
  3.63   2010-05-31 Optimized Syslog output of Systemstatus page to show more relevant info only
  3.63   2010-05-28 Added onError and onAbort parameters in quickstart pages for canceled live pic refreshes
  3.62   2010-05-26 Released Version 3.62:
Added iPad support
Added preview support for iPhone interface
Improved iPhone display
Added warning messages on reboot and shutdown function
Corrected some wrong descriptions
Integrated link to update function
Added new function to update video surveillance camera database without reboot
Added 15 seconds refresh of thumbnails in the Quickstart Page
Added new Stream Type Motion-JPEG which is supported by Mozilla driven browsers
  ---   2010-05-03 Added LevelOne FCS-1091 to the camera selection menu
  3.62   2010-04-27 Added CCTV support for Apple iPad, beta test mode. Please call the C-MOR support if you like to test.
  ---   2010-04-19 Added Allnet 2205 Megapixel Camera to the camera selection menu
  ---   2010-04-14 Added ABUS Security Center pan/tilt WLAN Camera TVIP21550 to camera selection menu and PTZ configuration
  ---   2010-04-08 Added Santec SVS-1001 IP Video Server to camera selection menu
  ---   2010-03-30 Added Basler BIP-1000C
  3.62   2010-03-25 Added Network Traffic Diagramm for Plus-Series to analyze network traffic to/from C-MOR
  3.62   2010-03-17 Added garbage collection for cleaning up MySQL corrupt table temporary files
  3.61   2010-03-11 Added parameter for live view performance. Frames per second rate now can be configured for lower bandwidth connections.
  ---   2010-03-09 Added PT Cameras LevelOne FCS-1010, WCS-2010
Added PT Camera Vivotek PT3112
Added PTZ Camera Vivotek SD7151
Added Fixed Dome Camera Vivotek WDR FD 7141
Added Vivotek IP 7133 Camera
  3.61   2010-03-08 Added easy IPsetup Tool. Java-Applet to configure C-MOR IPsettings from a PC, Mac, Linux etc. workstation.
  ---   2010-03-05 Added Dome Camera Axis P3344 to the camera selection menu.
  3.61   2010-02-19 Fixed Configuration Problem with mySQL Datatbase Connections.
  ---   2010-01-28 Added Camera Model Axis P3301 to camera selection menu.
  ---   2009-12-28 Added Barionet Alarm System Module and Configuration pages as additional package
  3.61   2009-12-07 Fixed button Display Error in PTZ Function.
  3.60   2009-12-03 Released Version with iPhone Support
Improved displaying the Location in /mobile Interface.
Added mySQL Performance Tuning Parameters after clean up Videos from Database.
Added .MOV-File Support for iPhone users
Fixed a bug with shutting down cameras 10-15
Fixed C-MOR display, wrong month was displayed for October to December.
  3.51   2009-11-13 Added De-Interlace Parameter for Cameras with Interlacing Technology
  3.51   2009-11-09 Fixed a problem updating user password after password change.
  3.51   2009-09-09 Corrected headline font in show-movies pages
  3.51   2009-09-03 Added more checks on repair database web function
  3.51   2009-08-31 Fixed Problem with starting/stopping all cameras.
  3.51   2009-08-26 Improved Design in Records page, removed some gaps in output
Fixed some typos in English web page
Improved Display version with a longer format
  3.50   2009-08-20 Fixed problem with User rights page does not open always
Added support of cameras with 704 pixel width to display live view without resizing the live view.
Corrected an error with the numbering of the cameras
Improved the availability check if camera really online with the configured web video port
Fixed TCP-Stream Forwarding/direct access through the camera over C-MOR when the DNS server is not present
  3.50   2009-08-02 Fixed Internet Explorer output problem after Internet Explorer Update. A unwanted gab in header was shown.
Fixed Error with displaying un-wanted/un-licensed cameras.
  3.50   2009-07-25 Introduced C-MOR-Plus Series with initial Version 3.50
Fixed some Errors in HTML-Code
Fixed Error in Preview list motion videos
Fixed general listing Error in English motion list videos
Fixed problem, index/quickstart looses Java settings in some cases
Fixed problem C-MOR15 start page bigger/smaller view function does not work correctly
  3.50   2009-06-20 Implemented Licensing model
Enlarged live view window for PTZ cameras
Fixed problem with pre-capture images and performance issues
Improved speed of start page startup by changing the web structure
  3.50   2009-05-13 Improved System Administration by showing camera location instead of cameras number
Fixed Quickstart PTZ startup error for PTZ enabled cameras
Changed Trendnet cameras URL to Motion JPEG stream from JPEG for better performance
Added Cisco Linksys PVC 2300 camera to camera selection menu
Improved performance of nightly clean up/delete old recordings job
Fixed error for C-MOR6 in change IP settings
Added Link to headlines in Java mode for better navigation
Added automatic table reload after 10 seconds to list also recordings which are recorded after the web page was called
Added configure Java settings for admin user
  3.50   2009-04-25 Added Java Interface
  3.12   2009-02-08 Added a bunch of different supported camera models
  3.12   2008-12-10 Added DB fix tool for C-MORs for crashed database tables
Added Panasonic WV NS202 to camera menu
Added Y-Cams to camera menu
Fixed error in show disk space on C-MOR15 models
  3.12   2008-11-27 Changed Sony Cam configuration from single JPEGs to Motion JPEGs for better performance
Fixed error in counting number of manual deleted recordings
Added Feature to show link to single frames only if single frame recording is active
  3.12   2008-10-28 Improved Stream output mechanism in Start Page, Quickstart and Show-Movies pages
Added feature single frame recording for in addition to permanent timelapse recordings
  3.11   2008-09-18 Added pre-view technology to motion and timelapse recordings for the all movie web tables. Moving the mouse pointer over a recording link shows the content of the recording.
  3.10   2008-08-14 Improved display and design of the start page for all C-MOR Versions
Changed the URL for C-MOR Video Service Web software update service
Implemented PTZ camera control interface for common web and mobile devices
Implemented configuration files for pre-defined PTZ cameras
  3.10   2008-07-17 Removed NAS support from all version since customers are not interested in
Implemented camera rights by user. User can only access cameras if access has been granted by admin

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