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Video Surveillance with Fast Motion

Video Surveillance System

Video Surveillance with Fast Motion Recordings

Click to watch Scenic Video Surveillance Fast Motion Recording of one Day.

•  C-MOR Video Surveillance Fast Motion Recordings

•  Automatic Recordings in configurable Time Delay

•  Video Recording Configuration between 1 Frame per Second
   up to 1 Frame per Hour

•  Function to Upload into Webspace

•  Make Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly Recordings

•  Many Applications, e.g. Scenic Views, Weather Analysis

The video surveillance system C-MOR is an easy to install plug&play system which everybody can install themselves. The video surveillance fast motion is a pre-configured default setting of C-MOR. Fast motion recordings can easily be optimized trough the web browser in a very short time.

C-MOR has many references as fast motion recording examples. In Germany the famous Tegernsee is recorded 24 hours a day and fast motion videos are uploaded automatically to a scenic web page. Also the well-known castle Hohenzollern is recorded in fast motion as well as a scenic hotel view in the Black Forest.

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