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Video surveillance and webcam recordings
Video Surveillance System

Video surveillance and webcam recordings

Video surveillance, recorded with C-MOR - you see more!

Video surveillance time lapse recordings

Panorama Recording 16:9
1280x720 Pixel, 31,0 MB
Axis 207MW
Time lapse recording of one day. Recorded with C-MOR Video Surveillance
Time-lapse of Airport Stuttgart

Time-lapse recording Airport Stuttgart
Surveillance house building, documentation
640x480 Pixel, 46 MB
C-MOR3, Trendnet IP110W
Video time-lapse recording of house construction
Video surveillance contact form

Video surveillance motion detection recordings

Video Surveillance at night, text (SMS)
and alarm e-mail because of burglar.
704x576 pixel, 6,9 MB, LevelOne FCS-5030
Burglar video surveillance
Theft in Warehouse
640x480 Pixel, 2,3 MB
Axis 207W
Video surveillance recording thief in warehouse
Motion detection of building entrance
1280x800 Pixel, 4 Fps, 6,1 MB
Level1 FCS-0030
Motion Detection Video Surveillance of Entrance
Sony Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera (4 frames/sec.)
640x480 Pixel,6,8 MB
Sony SNC RZ25 (up to 18-times optical zoom)
Video surveillance with automatic camera move
Video surveillance house entrance. 704x480,
4 MB LevelOne FCS-5011

Video surveillance house entrance
Video surveillance back door entrance. 704x480,
4,4 MB LevelOne FCS-5011

Video surveillance house entrance
Video surveillance example entrance area. 640x480, 2,2 MB Axis 207

Video surveillance example entrance area

Video surveillance text flashing examples

Time Terminal Recording with Text Flashing
Personal ID, 640x480 Pixel, 2,2 MB
Axis 207
Time terminal video surveillance with time and personal ID recording
Temperature flasing with SMS/email alarm
320x240 Pixel, 0,7 MB
Axis 210
Video surveillance with temperature monitoring and text flashing

Since years video surveillance is a very popular security tool. New digital technology has made video surveillance more cost-effective, simple and flexible. Video surveillance systems using the corporate IP network are easy to install, can be scaled and customized perfectly to match the customer needs.

The video surveillance C-MOR finds place in many situation. Mostly customers use C-MOR video surveillance in the case of theft and fraud and usually it does not take a long time to catch the problem causing person or solve the problem. Also, C-MOR protects and avoids theft and burglary and is an effective deterrence. In many cases C-MOR worked together with the local policy to establish a security surveillance system.

The application area of C-MOR is big. Starting at time-lapse recordings of scenic views over common motion detection recordings through PTZ cameras with text flashing videos are the application areas. The resolutions of the videos can vary, 640x480 pixels at 25 frames per second or 1280x1024 pixels are supported video formats of C-MOR.

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