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Here you find the news about C-MOR video surveillance

Video surveillance news and press articles

Please visit the video surveillance change log file to learn about the updates and versions

Version 4.12: Extensive Updates Released. Please read the Changelog here for more details.

(April 16th, 2015)

Press Release: Video Surveillance with New Motion Snapshot Preview

(September 12th, 2014)

Version 4.02 Released

(February 14th, 2014)

C-MOR released an update version with support for the new Hyper-V Systems from Microsoft. C-MOR supports Hyper-V installations on Windows 8.1 and Hyper-V 2012R2 servers which required extra kernel modules.

Version 4.01 Released

(September 28th, 2013)

C-MOR released an update version with a new global function. The new functions enables users to switch off motion alarm or email alarm for all cameras with one click. The new buttons are located on the top right of the C-MOR Video Surveillance Web Surface.

New Major Version 4.00 Released

(April 12th, 2013)

A new major release of the Video Surveillance System C-MOR has been released. The new version comes on all NVR servers and as software NVR. The new version runs on a 64 operating system which improves the video performance especially with high definition cameras. Also, a lot of features have been improved.

Improvements and Fixes of the New Version 4.00

•  New licensing. The free version hosts one IP camera without restrictions.
•  Upgrade the free version to 15 cameras without new installation. Simply add a license over Internet.
•  Camera Backup and Configuration Transfer has been implemented. Download and upload camera settings.
•  The Quick Start Page was improved. Video preview has bigger dimensions.
•  Improved navigation in many pages
•  Added support for Windows 8 tablets, proper handling without a mouse
•  Video recordings preview was improved, bigger preview.
•  New 64 bit operating system. This works on 32 bit host systems if the processor supports 64 bit.
•  Released new images for VMware and VirtualBox.

Please visit the Download C-MOR Video Surveillance to download the new version.

Please visit the video surveillance online demo to test new features!

C-MOR Exhibited at the Tradeshow Eltefa in Stuttgart/Germany

(March 22nd, 2013)

C-MOR Video Surveillance was exposed at the Eltefa 2013. Eltefa is the biggest regional trade fair for the electrical sector in South Germany. Many visitors stopped at the booth and got introduced into the video surveillance system and the many advantages of C-MOR.

C-MOR Video Surveillance Booth at the Eltefa 2013

Visit the video surveillance online demo to test C-MOR now!

Many updates released with new features

(January 23rd, 2013)

C-MOR has released a lot of advantageous updates. All updates are available online:

•  With version 3.77 the preview was expanded to a width of 200 pixels.
•  C-MOR supports Android Pads in the main web page now.
•  The first 10 frames of time-lapse recordings are now showed in the preview
•  The stacking function was re-implemented. Hook up 6 C-MORs to one logical unit and host 90 cams.
•  Hugh disks (RAID Systems) up to 16TB storage space are supported with version 3.76.
•  A new feature remote access makes C-MOR online accessible even without Dynamic DNS and without a static IP address
•  With version 3.74 a new /mobile page was released with support for Android 2.3 or higher without App/software installation
•  In version 3.723 email by time table was released

Please visit the video surveillance forum for update instructions!

Please visit the video surveillance online demo to test the new features!

News release: C-MOR Announces VM Version of NVR

(April 24th, 2012)

Update version 3.722 released with new features

(April 16th, 2012)

Today C-MOR released the new NVR version 3.72 which is immediately available as download. This new release has many improvements and a lot of bugs were fixed:

•  C-MOR indicates video downloads now by changing the mouse pointer
•  The size of videos downloaded on Macs are smaller
•  The date format in videos is selectable now between European and American date format
•  A new graph was added to show the CPU load. This avoids overloading C-MOR with too many frames/too big camera resolutions.
   This shows if C-MOR needs more CPU performance on virtual NVR versions
•  Many camera models were added to the menu
•  A bug in wrong motion alarming was fixed
•  Email alarming was reduced to max 1 email per camera per hour to avoid too many emails if a camera was offline for a longer time
•  Some typos have been fixed
•  A ftp upload problem with newer ftp servers was fixed

Please visit the video surveillance forum for update instructions!

Please visit the video surveillance online demo to test the new features!

News release: C-MOR Launches Enterprise Class Network Video Recorder

(January 10th, 2012)

New update with optimized VMware support

(December 2nd, 2011)

Today C-MOR released an upate that improves the support of VMware. With the new version which is available as version 3.712 or higher it's not longer necessary to install an extra IDE disk for the C-MOR VM. Installations work with basic settings now.

Also the video play back quality has improved for Mac Computers and a bit rate optimization parameter has been added to the camera configuration menu. This parameter improves the recording quality for mega pixel or better cameras.

Please visit the video surveillance forum for update instructions!

Please visit the video surveillance online demo to test the new features!

New update for Macs released

(October 7th, 2011)

The new update to version 3.710 is available. This update improved the C-MOR video surveillance web interface for Mac computers. Users can now select if they use a Mac computer what results in C-MOR displays Quicktime compatible MOV files and optimizes the web for Safari. Users still have the option to use the standard output with AVI and MPEG recordings.

Another improvement is the implementation of a Noise parameter for motion detection. If the camera delivers noise in the picture this parameter reduces false motion detection alarms.

Please visit the video surveillance forum for update instructions!
Please visit the video surveillance online demo to test the new features!

Michael Reuschling's Article in the Security Magazine
(June 14th, 2011)

Press Release: Video Surveillance C-MOR: More Dimensions of Power with New Model Range
(March 10th, 2011)

C-MOR News: Video Surveillance with Privacy Mask
(December 21st, 2010)

C-MOR News: Video Surveillance with User Profiles
(October 29th, 2010)

The new Video Surveillane on Mouse Over Preview
(October 13th, 2010)

Video Surveillance Via iPad - C-MOR Presents Latest Update
(July 12th, 2010)

New Installation Software Facilitates Installation of C-MOR Video Surveillance

C-MOR Inc., manufacturer of the innovative IP video surveillance solution C-MOR, launches new installation software for the configuration of C-MOR video servers. The sophisticated display and platform independent software repeatedly facilitates the network configuration of C-MOR video surveillance.

Stuttgart, Germany, March 16th, 2010

The configuration of C-MOR video servers has never been complicated - but the new installation software is even user-friendlier. C-MOR's latest innovation enables users to transfer customer-specific network configurations directly to the C-MOR in the network with just one click. A clearly arranged input mask and very clear and well-defined functions make it very easy for users to get their appliance started, even without any previous experience.

IPsetup for easy network configuration

  Currently all appliances are already delivered following the new setup-routine. The software, as well as the video server are fully operational on all operating systems and can be started without installation on any computer. In this way the software development team at C-MOR Inc. sticks to its principles of developing only software that does not require any additional software installation and runs without limitation on all operating systems.

"Our philosophy has always been to provide our customers with software and appliances that work smoothly on all platforms without any need for additional modification", says Michael Reuschling, CEO of C-MOR Inc. Visibly proud he then refers to the high standards that had to be met: "It is not always easy to respond to the numerous factors of other manufacturers' different operating systems and browsers, but with this solution we once more succeeded in satisfying the high requirements and are head and shoulders above similar solutions".

Besides the simplified initial installation, also the support of already existing appliances has been facilitated for on-site technicians. In order to access C-MOR appliances the operator simply has to assign a temporary network address to the video server in the network.

Security still is C-MOR.s first priority: in order to be able to transfer a configuration to the appliance, a corresponding MAC address (unique identification characteristic for network appliances) and main password are mandatory.

The software, together with an online live demonstration, can be easily accessed over the manufacturer.s website http://www.c-mor.com.

Prices and availability From now on C-MOR servers will be delivered including the new software on CD, which can be operated with all "+" models from version 3.61. Besides a free upgrade function on C-MOR's web interface enables users to get the latest version online, using the comprehensive customer service by C-MOR Inc.

C-MOR Video Surveilance Version 3.60 Provides New iPhone Web Interface

C-MOR Supports iPhone without Installation of Apps

Stuttgart, Germany, January 15th, 2010

Today C-MOR by za-internet GmbH, renowned expert in the field of IP video surveillance, announces the new version 3.60 of the high-tech server solution C-MOR [see more]. The new version.s highlight is a new iPhone (www.apple.com) web interface that can be instantly used without any need for the installation of software.

C-MOR has been supporting mobile devices, such as mobile phones, smart phones and handhelds, already since years. This support mainly includes the functions live images, motion detection and permanent recordings. The latest feature, that has just been launched, is the new interface for the iPhone. The new functions include a web interface that has been especially developed for the iPhone, the supply of the iPhone-compatible video format MOV as well as the option to receive MOV-videos directly by email.

"Even that everybody keeps talking about Apps we want to stick to our original plan of no necessary software installations. That is why we have developed the new version which now enables access for everybody without the use of an App", says Michael Reuschling, CEO of za-internet GmbH "C-MOR users can now easily use all functions with their iPhone by just accessing the C-MOR web address over the iPhone web browser".

But C-MOR's strength does not show by camera live images but rather by providing a very easy and user-friendly way to access previous recordings triggered by motion detection or other events. With C-MOR 3.60 now also possible by iPhone!

Users already working with C-MOR version 3.0 or higher can easily access the latest version 3.60 over the upgrade function on C-MOR's web interface. For more information on the update, please visit the online forum under http://www.c-mor.com. Website visitors can also test an online demonstration under http://www.c-mor.com without registration.

For more information on the latest features of the sophisticated video surveillance solution C-MOR version 3.60, please contact C-MOR Inc. by telephone directly solution C-MOR version 3.60, please contact C-MOR by telephone directly under +49 7471 93 01 99 20

Presse Release: More flexibility for users with new C-MOR camera license model

New Camera License Model: za-internet offers C-MOR users more flexibility

Tuebingen, Germany, Germany October 26th, 2009

za-internet - expert for video surveillance solutions . has just announced the launch of a newly developed license model for all C-MOR3, C-MOR6 and C-MOR9 solutions. The new licensing model enables C-MOR users to extend their system and add more cameras according to their actual requirements by a simple software upgrade.

By the help of the license model C-MOR3M+ and C-MOR3P+, the customer is able to operate his video surveillance solution with up to 15 cameras of his choice after a user-defined update. The smallest package C-MOR3M and C-MOR3P, which used to be limited to a maximum of three cameras, can now easily be upgraded according to the actual needs. .Naturally, due to the increased data volume, it is not possible to convert a C-MOR3P+ into a 15-camera model by the license upgrade. But the new model offers our customers more flexibility and a cost-effective possibility to increase their system.s capacity., says Peter Steinhilber, CEO and founder of za-internet GmbH.

The upgrading option is, of course, also available for the packages C-MOR6 and C-MOR9. Both video surveillance solutions can be easily updated with the respective "+" versions.

The camera upgrade is very easy and user-friendly: the license key can be purchased over an authorized dealer and is sent by email. The upgrade is then carried out over the Internet by using the key, and cameras will be subsequently added. The only technical requirement, just as in the case of software updates for C-MOR, is Internet access.

Besides this innovative further development, that offers C-MOR users improved application possibilities on the basis of the cameras actually needed, za-internet has implemented numerous new camera models. The firmware now includes the majority of LevelOne cameras and PTZ control has been expanded by Axis models. In addition in the new "+" version, bugs have been fixed and administration over some web menus has been improved.

For more information, please contact Peter Steinhilber under +49 7471 930 199-20.

Press release: More flexibility for users with new C-MOR camera license model
(October, 26th 2009)

Press release: C-MOR Inc. presents high-tech at its best: C-MOR 3.5 - optimized performance with Java support, now on the market

Press release: C-MOR Inc. presents high-tech at its best: C-MOR 3.5 - optimized performance with Java support, now on the market (June, 9th 2009)

Press release: Energy-saving, silent and cost-efficient - the new fanless C-MOR video surveillance model C-MOR3M
(April, 15th 2009)

Press release: C-MOR Inc. showcases innovative solutions at the ELTEC 2009 fair in Nuremberg
(January, 13th 2009)

Press release: New Edition of High Performance Video Surveillance: C-MOR Version 3.12
(December, 15th 2008)

Press release: Quick And Very User-Friendly: Video Scene Auto-Preview, Version 3.11
(October, 4th 2008)

Press release: The New Generation Of Video Surveillance: Version 3.10
(September, 2nd 2008)

Press release C-MOR in research project "Operating room for the future"
(August, 7th 2008)

C-MOR will get PTZ interface with the release 3.10

(August, 8th 2008)

PTZ functionallity will be available in the next major release of C-MOR.

With the next software release which is expected to be available in September 2008, the C-MOR web interface gets the PTZ functionality for common PTZ cameras.

The configuration for PTZ cameras will cover pan, tilt and zoom functions, as well as pre-defined position selection. It will be possible to configure different types of cameras. A couple of big brands (such as Allnet, Axis, Sony, Vivotek etc.) will be pre-configured in the web interface. Users just select the right camera from the menu and enable the PTZ functionality.

This new function will be available in the single live stream view as well as the camera overview of the selected camera. The following picture shows what the new interface will look like.

Please feel free to call us or use our contact form if you have questions regarding the new PTZ interface of C-MOR video.

C-MOR directly supports PTZ camera control with the release 3.10    

Press release C-MOR Version 3: Video Surveillance has been broadened and improved in the new version 3 (March, 31st 2008)

Managing up to 15 IP Cameras with C-MOR

(October, 2nd 2007)

Ease of Installation and Recording of up to one year sets a new standard for IP video Surveillance.

With the brand new C-MOR15, C-MOR Inc. in Lake Forest presents their new flagship of the C-MOR Product series. C-MOR15 comes with 1 Terabyte Recording space.

C-MOR has a big advantage compared to common DVR devices. By the management with an up to date web browser and the use of standard file types it is not necessary to install any software on the workstation and that means that C-MOR can be used from any PC in the world. Although all functions are full available with a Macintosh or a Linux PC: You only type in the web address of your C-MOR in the web browser and C-MOR already asks for the username and the password and you have immediate access to all cameras in real time and can watch earlier recorded videos which can easily be saved on the local PC. "C-MOR works great in all Internet cafes or from a Hotel PC," confirms Michael Reuschling, Head of Development and CTO of the C-MOR product series. "Our customers are constantly surprised how low the effort is to watch over their company on the Internet and see things are going right!"

Further advantages of C-MOR are vandalism protection by Email Alarm with included motion detection videos and the text flashing of cash box amounts or personal IDs of attendance recorders.


Bring your C-MOR up to date!

(August, 14th 2007)

C-MOR is dedicated to continually improving and enhancing our product features. The latest enhancements to our C-MOR product lines are now available. The updates can easily be can be installed on your C-MOR through an existing Internet connection, such as cable, DSL or T1.

Version 2.503 was released today and contains all the latest product improvements. It is available from our C-MOR update site and easily accessible through the C-MOR user interface.

The following are some of the many new features that come with the updates:

• Faster Live Picture Update in the start page and in the video selection page

• Faster web page output of the video selection page

• Improved listing of videos

• Corrections with the time server

• Design and structure improvement in the web interface

• Introduction of new camera models

For a preview of the latest enhancement, please visit our Online Demo.

Please feel free to call or use our contact form if you wish to install the updates or if you have questions prior to installing the updates.

C-MOR on display at the Security Tradeshow & Expo in Munich

(June, 25th 2007)

Our partner, Allnet GmbH, will display C-MOR in conjunction with the All4000 Ethernet Seonsormeter at the Security Tradeshow Munich (Sicherheitsmesse München). Stop by to see us at booth D16, Hall B0 on July 4th and 5th. We will demonstrate how C-MOR integrates with the All4000 to display measured values in the video stream and generate alarm messages based on measurement values.

Our CTO and head of development, Michael Reuschling , will be at the booth to answer your questions. Come by to meet Michael and see how C-MOR can help your organization.

Please take this unique opportunity to see C-MOR in action and learn more about the technology behind it.

We look forward to meeting you there!

Feel free to fill out the contact form to learn more about C-MOR and other network devices.

   C-MOR Video Surveillance
Phone: +49 7471 93 01 99 20