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Video surveillance NVR on Apple Mac
Video Surveillance System

Your Apple Mac becomes a Video Surveillance Server NVR in 15 minutes!


Make your Apple Mac a professional Video Surveillance Server, a NVR.

Video Surveillance Software NVR for Mac OS X

C-MOR is a video surveillance software that turns your Apple Mac (OS X) or PC into a NVR. The web interface is intuitive and very easy to use. C-MOR is very effective and runs on thousands of installations.

This manual describes the installation process of the video surveillance system C-MOR (NVR) on a Apple Mac computer. It takes less than 15 minutes to get it running.

Start over with downloading VirtualBox if you don't have it installed already. Go to www.virtualbox.org and navigate to the download section. Download the Mac version and install it.

Download VirtualBox

Download the C-MOR VirtualBox import file from this location, Free Video Surveillance Software and save it on your Apple Mac computer.
Download free C-MOR video surveillance for Windows, Mac or Linux, Version 4.12PL08, November 12th, 2015
(231 MB)
(MD5SUM: ba51d049b132b345f2920352ff0a39ea)
Fixed 20GB VM size! (can be enlarged) Read the manual how to get C-MOR in few minutes up with VirtualBox! Runs on Windows 32 bit if processor supports long mode.
Read the Windows Installation Guide for VirtualBox. C-MOR runs on Windows 32 bit if processor supports long mode. Important: This version does not work on Windows 8.1/Hyper-V 2012R2. Please use the flexible installation image for Hyper-V!

Download the C-MOR VM for VirtualBox

Navigate to the download folder.

Navigate to the download location where the file was stored

Look for the C-MOR VirtualBox downloaded ZIP file.

Look for the downloaded ZIP

Double click the ZIP file to extract it.

Extract the ZIP file

Open the folder with the extract file to verify the location of the OVA file which now will be imported into VirtualBox. Alternatively, depending on the downloaded ZIP a OVF file has to be imported.

Open the ZIP File

Open VirtualBox now and open the "File" menu on the top right corner. Select "Import Appliance".

Open the Import in VirtualBox

The dialog box for choosing an import file opens.

Choose the import file in VirtualBox

Select the just extracted OVA file (alternatively OVF) from the ZIP archive and click open.

Select OVA File to import it in VirtualBox on your Mac

Make sure you have selected the correct OVA file and click "Continue".

Click continure after selecting the correct OVA file

In the next screen the settings for the virtual appliance is displayed. Check the mark "Reinitialize the Mac Address of all network cards" at the bottom of this window.

Read the settings and check mark Reinitialize the Mac

Agree to the Software License Agreement. A disclaimer will show up later.

Agree to the terms.

Watch how the Virtual Appliance is imported into Virtual Box now.

Follow the import status

Now you have a new virtual machine in VirtualBox on the left menu. Select it and click on "Settings". Navigate to the "Network" settings. Now select the network adapter you use on your Mac. Use either WLAN or Ethernet Adapter depending on how your Mac is connected to the network.

Select the imported VM 

Select Virtual Machine Network Settings

Start it now by selecting it and clicking on "Start" in the top menu:

Select the fresh imported video surveillance virtual machine  Click start to boot the virtual video surviellance machine

C-MOR shows the start screen and reboots after 3 seconds automatically.

The C-MOR start screen shows up.

On the first start C-MOR collects all settings and restarts once again automatically. After the reboot it shows the following screen. This indicates the startup has finished

C-MOR has successfully started

Set the IP address of C-MOR now. The default password is "admin". Use a free address in your network. In the example the new address is "". Mostly the network mask "" is correct. Set the gateway (your Internet Router) and the DNS Servers. Very often the DNS Server is also your Internet Router. That means this address is the same. Alternatively use the DNS Servers you have from your Internet Service Provider. Also, set up the 2nd DNS Server which can be an address from your ISP.

Change the IP address on the VGA Console

Once the IP Address has been set C-MOR is available over network. Enter the just set address into the web browser,

Enter the new IP address, one of your local network

The login appears. Enter "admin" as username and also "admin" as password.

Log in to C-MOR as admin/admin

Next you have to accept the disclaimer to use C-MOR.

Accept the disclaimer of C-MOR

Now the start screen shows up.

C-MOR Start Screen Indicates its ready for surveillance

C-MOR is ready for operation now. Click on the menu "System Administration", scroll down to the language settings and select "GERMAN", if you prefer the language German for the web interface.

Now you can click on "Cam1" and to "Settings" to configure your IP camera recording.

Important: If you like to change the interface from WLAN to Ethernet you first shut down the virtual C-MOR. Change the settings in VirtualBox Network Adapter settings and then select "NetworkReset" when C-MOR starts again after the settings.

Please download and read the C-MOR Video Surveillance manual from the Video Surveillance download page to learn how to record an IP camera. Also read the IP camera setup how to for a quick reference on the IP camera installation!

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