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Video Surveillance System C-MOR3 NVR
Video Surveillance System

C-MOR Virtual Video Surveillance NVR

Video surveillance NVR server for the video surveillance of 3 IP cameras

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Video Surveillance for 15 cams on virtual NVR

The virtual video surveillance server C-MOR3VM is for the recording and integration of 3 IP cameras. C-MOR3VM is the perfect solution for small offices or home security system. It can be installed as extension of an existing alarm system. With a small adapter C-MOR connects to an alarm system and triggers or sends alarms to the alarm system. Outdoor, PTZ (movable) or night vision cameras can be integrated. With additional webcam licenses it is possible to upgrade a C-MOR3VM to host more IP cameras. A total capacity of 15 cameras is possible. This system is compatible to run on VMware (ESX, Workstation, Player), Xen, VirtualBox, Parallels, HyperV. C-MOR records motion and fast motion recordings, as well as single pictures if optionally configured. Recordings can be kept 3 years. C-MOR deletes automatically old recordings and uploads it via FTP if configured before deleting the recordings. The web interface is intuitional, very convenient and very easy to understand. It's not required to install any software on your PC to use C-MOR. Simply start over and hook up the cameras to C-MOR and observe.


Video surveillance pictures

Click to enlarge: Video Surveillance NVR Console Click to enlarge: Video Surveillance C-MOR3 Camera Streams Example
Click to enlarge: Video Surveillance C-MOR3 Quickstart Web Page Click to enlarge: Video Surveillance C-MOR3 Camera Recordings Web Page
Click to enlarge: Video Surveillance  C-MOR3 Camera View Web Page Click to enlarge: Video Surveillance C-MOR Start Page
Click to enlarge: C-MOR3 Easy Camera Configuration Web Page Click to enlarge: Video Surveillance C-MOR3 System/Network Configuration Web Page


Video surveillance features

•  3 channel Video Surveillance system
•   Support of the most cameras with JPEG and MJPEG support
•  Records man different camera resolutions
•  Megapixel resolution or higher, e.g. 1920x1080 or 1280x960 pixels IP cameras
•  Recording time up to 3 years
•  Play surveillance videos in your web browser from home or on the road
•  Motion detection with alarm emails
•  Centralized webcam management
•  Automatic deletion of recordings (no further management required)
•  Time controlled recordings
•  Automatic FTP backup for archiving
•  Integration of external motion detectors (light barrier, ultrasonic etc.)
•   Support of many PTZ cameras
•  Video surveillance for up to 25 frames per second
•  Time-lapse recordings (fast motion) with 1 frame per second
    or up to 1 frame per hour with up to 1 month long recordings
•  Supports night vision, low light, outdoor, WLAN (wireless), UMTS, PoE cameras
•  Supports mega pixel and moveable cameras
•  Picture mask for definition of motion detection area in camera picture
•  SSL encryption, safe world wide access
•  Supported operating systems: Windows, Linux, MacOS and more
•  Supported mobile devices: iPhone, iPad, Android etc. with PTZ functions
•  Control your PTZ camera on devices that are not supported by the camera self
•  Upgrade function to up to 15 cameras*
•  Optional Stacking to stack 6 units to max. of 90 cameras
•  Remote remote access through NAT firewalls without Dynamic DNS
•  1 year free software updates (web update service)

* Please note that additional cameras interact with the memory capacity and processor performance

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