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Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance System

C-MOR3M+ Video Surveillance

Low power consuming, 3 Channel Video surveillance system

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IP video surveillance models

C-MOR3M+ is a fan less box which is low current. In the standard configuration it records 3 IP cameras and with a very convenient web page to manage your IP camaeras, watch recordings or the live view of all cameras. Since C-MOR3M+ is a small compact box it finds place almost everywhere. The average power consumption is 28 watt only. The system is fan less and therefor perfect for dust areas. The system is very small and fits almost everywhere, e.g. under a counter. C-MOR3M+ can be extended with additional video camera licenses which users can activate themselves over Internet. Adding more camera licenses turns this video surveillance system in a 4 or 5 channel system.


IP video surveillance screenshots:

Low energy consuming video surveillance system

IP Video Surveillance Features

•  Low energy consumption, only 28 watt
•  Easy configuration, installed in minutes
•  Very small, fan less case, fits everywhere
•  3 channel video surveillance for network recording
•  Upgrade function for up to 15 IP cameras maximum*
•  Recording time up to 360 days
•  Watch live and videos in your web browser from anywhere
•  Motion detection with alarm emails
•  Centralized camera management
•  Time controlled recordings
•  Automatic deletion of recordings (no further management required)
•  Automatic FTP backup for archiving
•  Integration of external motion detectors (light barrier, ultrasonic etc.)
•   Support of the most webcams with JPEG and MJPEG support
•  Support of PTZ cameras like Axis, LevelOne, Panasonic, Sony, etc.
•  Supports night vision, low light, outdoor, WLAN (wireless), UMTS, PoE cameras
•  Supports mega pixel and moveable cameras
•  Video surveillance for up to 30 frames per second
•  No adapter installation, no software installation
•  Picture mask for definition of motion detection area in camera picture
•  SSL encryption, safe world wide access
•  Supported Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, MacOS and more
•  Supports Mobile Devices: Android, iPad/iPhone/iPod, Windows etc.
•  1 year free software updates (web update service)
•  2 years warranty

* Please note that additional cameras interact with the memory capacity and processor performance

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