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Create user with access permission to 1 camera only

Video Surveillance System

How to create a new video surveillance user who has access to camera 1 only

In order to create a new video surveillance user who has access to 1 or more cameras only, you have to log in as user "admin". After logging in the Start Screen appears:

Video Surveillance Start Screen

Select the menu System Administration and scroll down to the User Administration menu. Type the username you the user you want to create now in the input field next to "New User". In this example the username is set to "cam1only" which indicates the user will have access to the camera 1 only. Click on "Change Password/Creat User" to get to the next page where you can enter the password.

Create a new video surveillance user

Enter the password for the user twice. The user can log in to the video surveillance system with this password and click on "Create/Change".

Enter the video surveillance password for the user

The next screen shows that the user has been created successfully. This new created user has full access to all IP cameras and all recordings, as well access to all video pages of C-MOR. Click on "Configure User" to reduce the rights to camera 1 only.

Video Observation user created

The "Manage User Settings" page shows the parameters which can be altered for each user individually. These settings are the permission to set the own password, permissions to the Quick Start Page, permissions to view the video recordings page, acessing the System Status page, seeing the link to the IP camera, permissions to change the stream mode and the delay for the video surveillance script stream and permissions to single cameras with the recordings.

Manage video surveillance user settings and permissions

Scroll down to the Manage Camera Rights sections. Change the access permissions now.

Set the permissions to the camera live view and the recordings individually

Now un-mark all cameras and the recordings the created user must not have access to.

Allow access to the entrace camera only

The User Settings Saved page shows the settings which are successfully saved for the user. As its' showed in the table the user "cam1only" has access to the Camera 1 now and the recordings of that camera, but not the other cameras and camera recordings.

IP video surveillance access and settings are saved

Now log out of C-MOR and log in again with the username and password you just have created. If all settings were made correctly the Start Screen shows only the live view of camera 1. All other cameras are shown with "No Access" instead of the live image.

Video surveillance user has access to camera 1 only

Also, when you select in example camera 3 from the top menu, it shows no access, no video observation videos are available.

The user has no permssion on other cameras, not even recordings

That's it, the user has been created and the permissions have been set.

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