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How-to faster surveillance video download

Video Surveillance System

How to make C-MOR video surveillance recordings download faster

C-MOR users with a slow Internet connection or with many users accessing the C-MOR may experiencing the problem, that downloads of recordings are slow. Mostly this is indicated by the preview already. If you move your mouse pointer over the "Play" button and no preview starts right away you may have the problem with a slow download.

In this case you can do following settings:

Log in as user "admin" to have the propper rights to setup a new user. This new user has a special configuration. It's live view is slowed down to give a faster access to downloads. Once logged in call the "System Administration" web page of your C-MOR.

Select System Administration

Scoll down to the section "User Administration".

Select NVR user administration

Enter a name in the "New User" field, in example "remoteuser".

Select create user

Press the button "Change Password/Create User". Give the user a password in the next web page, in example "demo".

Enter the password to access the video surveillance NVR server

Keep the user name and password in mind. Click on "Create/Change".

The user has now been created. Now you move on and setup the configuration for a slow Internet connection by pressing the button "Configure User Settings" in the "System Administration" page.

In the next page you can set up the configuration: Scroll down to "Live Stream Speed in Script-Stream mode". Select here the Delay for the Script-Streaming mechanism.

Script-Stream takes the lowest bandwidth for the live view. If you want to get more bandwidth for downloading videos, you can set a delay of 3 seconds.

Set the video surveillance stream delay

Finally save this settings.

Press Save button

Log off C-MOR as user admin.

Logout of the video surveillance server

Log in again with the just set user login and password which is "remoteuser" and "demo".

Log in to video surveillance NVR server

Click on one of your cameras (in the example "Cam 5").

Select video surveillance recordings of camera

The live streaming will still show changes in the live video, but also does not occupy all bandwidth for it.

If you now select a camera and move the mouse over the "Play" button, the preview will show up faster. Clicking on the button downloads the video and this time also faster than having a high streaming rate for the live view.

Fast video surveillance preview

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