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Video Surveillance System

Using C-MOR Video Surveillance is as easy as pie   

Professional Video Surveillance Software for Windows,
Mac OS X or Linux. Smart IP Camera Recording.

Download here the C-MOR video surveillance flexible Installation Image, zipped ISO, Version 4.12PL08, November 7th, 2015 (253 MB)
(MD5SUM: f579ae4521c186f14169933311af0516)
Please refer to the VirtualBox manual Installation Guide, Hyper-V Installation Guide or the VMware Installation Guideline. Please configure your virtual environment manually. This also runs on Windows 32 bit if processor supports long mode. The VirtualBox installation does not work on Windows 8.1 with Hyper-V enabled! Use Hyper-V on Windows 8.1!

C-MOR Video Surveillance Import Versions

Download free C-MOR video surveillance for Windows, Mac or Linux, Version 4.12PL08, November 12th, 2015
(231 MB)
(MD5SUM: ba51d049b132b345f2920352ff0a39ea)

Fixed 20GB VM size! (can be enlarged)
Read the manual how to get C-MOR in few minutes up with VirtualBox! Runs on Windows 32 bit if processor supports long mode.
Read the Windows Installation Guide for VirtualBox. C-MOR runs on Windows 32 bit if processor supports long mode. Important: This version does not work on Windows 8.1/Hyper-V 2012R2. Please use the flexible installation image for Hyper-V!

Download C-MOR Video Surveillance VMware Version for ESX, Workstation and Player, Version 4.12PL08, 64 bit, November 13th, 2015 (407 MB)
(MD5SUM: 1fbe380a8d6dd6eb2e115c24a37d7abc)
Open the vSphere client, open the File menu on top left, select 'Deploy OVF template', select 'Deploy from file' and select the OVF file from this ZIP. Select Import/Open in VMware Player/Workstation and select the OVF file from the ZIP. C-MOR reboots once for initial setup! Maybe the network adapter needs to be customized.

Download C-MOR Video Surveillance Xenserver Version for Xenserver 6.2 or newer, Version 4.11PL08, 64 bit, December 11th, 2014 (252 MB)
(MD5SUM: 9e488ef1401fbd07c3517e5d167b5a6e)
Please set up a 'Other Install Medium' VM in XenCenter on your Xenserver. Set minimum 512MB RAM and 10GB hard disk. Boot from the ISO image of this ZIP file.

Get a 30 days trial license of the full version
Use this form to get a full version license key. Test all features of C-MOR for 30 days. After the 30 days trial test period you can decide getting a full license by simply installing a new license over Internet.

UPDATE! Please read the forum hints to run C-MOR on Hyper-V servers!

Click here now and learn how to make your Mac a NVR in 15 minutes!

Read the Windows Installation Guide for VirtualBox.
(64bit C-MOR runs on Windows 32 bit if processor supports long mode)

NEW! Read the Windows Installation Guide for Hyper-V.

All video surveillance PDF downloads

The security surveillance system C-MOR works in a virtual machine. C-MOR offers a free download version which is available through this web page.

This free C-MOR version can easily be installed in a virtual server software system like VMware, Xen, Virtual Box or HyperV. Don't wait and download the free C-MOR VM version.

That is the video surveillance you'll get here:

•  Full functional video surveillance software to install as a Virtual Machine
•  Video preview with mouse-over-function, video download, direct video play, single and combinated scenes
•  Motion detection, e-mail alarm, time tables for motion detection and general video surveillance
•  Simple and easy to understand web interface in English with online descriptions
•  Support for Windows, Mac, Linux and other OS'
•  iPad, iPhone and mobile devices support
•  Support for many well known camera models like Axis, LevelOne, Panasonic, Sony and many more
•  Access over Internet, from everywhere without software installation on the PC or notebook
•  And many, many more. Don't wait, get it now!

Overview video surveillance NVR servers

How to: easy webcam recording configured in just a view seconds

C-MOR NVR VM software overview and data sheet

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Click to enlarge: Search events quick and effective with the unique mouse-over smart search.

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