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IP Video Surveillance Cameras
Video Surveillance System

Supported IP Video Surveillance Cameras

Video surveillance IP cameras which work great with C-MOR:

 IP video surveillance camera models

The following IP video surveillance cameras have been successfully tested with C-MOR:


How to record an 4XEM IP camera with C-MOR

•  4X-FD-7131

7Links, Pearl

•  IPC-631HD (experimental)
•  IPC-710-IR
•  IPC-720 (experimental)
•  IPC-760HD (experimental)
•  IPC-770HD (experimental)

ABUS Security-Center

How to record an ABUS IP camera with C-MOR

•  ABUS-SC TVIP10550
•  ABUS-SC TVIP11550
•  Pan/tilt WLAN Camera TVIP21550 (No Zoom)
•  Pan/tilt WLAN Camera TVIP21551 (No Zoom)
•  ABUS-SC TVIP60550
•  ABUS-SC TVIP71500

ACTi IP Cameras

How to record an ACTi IP camera with C-MOR

•  ACTI ACM-1231 (experimental)
•  ACTI ACM-1431
•  ACTI ACM-1511 (experimental)
•  ACTI ACM-3001 (experimental)
•  ACTI ACM-3211 (experimental)
•  ACTI ACM-3311 (experimental)
•  ACTI ACM-3401 (experimental)
•  ACTI ACM-3511 (experimental)
•  ACTI ACM-4200 (experimental)
•  ACTI ACM-5601 (experimental)

Airlink 101 IP Cameras

How to record an Airlink IP camera with C-MOR

•  Airlink 101 Wireless IP Security Camera, AIC250
•  Airlink 101 Wireless IP Security Camera, AIC250W
•  Airlink 101 Wireless IP Security Camera, AIC600W

Aldi Maginon

•  MAGINON IP-100AC (experimental)
•  MAGINON IPC-10AC (experimental)
•  MAGINON IPC-2C (experimental)
•  MAGINON IPC-20C (experimental)

Allnet IP Cameras

•  Allnet 2205, Megapixel Camera
•  Allnet 2272, wireless, pan/tilt, infrared night vision camera, limited only
•  Allnet 2281, wireless, infrared night vision camera
•  Allnet 2282, wireless, pan/tilt, infrared night vision camera
•  Allnet 2297, dome camera

ALONMA IP Surveillance Cameras

•  ALONMA PTZ Camera

Apexis IP Cameras

•  H Serie (experimental)
•  J Serie (experimental)
•  Apexis APM-H804-WS (experimental)
•  Apexis APM-J011

Atlantis IP Cameras

•  Atlantis 501NVW

Arecont Vision IP Surveillance Cameras

•  Arecont Vision 1125 DR
•  Arecont Vision 3100, with 2048x1536 pixel resolution


•  AVIOSYS IP9100A 4-Port Video Capture Adapter

AVTECH IP Surveillance Cameras

•  AVTECH AP0174

Axis IP Surveillance Cameras

How to record an Axis IP camera with C-MOR

•  Currently, all Axis IP Camera Models are supported
•  Axis 205
•  Axis 206
•  Axis 206W
•  Axis 207
•  Axis 207W
•  Axis 207MW
•  Axis 2100
•  Axis 210
•  Axis 210A
•  Axis 211
•  Axis 211A
•  Axis 212 PTZ
•  Axis 213 PTZ
•  Axis 215 PTZ with PTZ control
•  Axis Dome camera 216FD
•  Axis Dome camera 232D
•  Axis 241S analog digital converter
•  Axis 2411 analog digital converter
•  Axis M1011
•  Axis M1031
•  Axis M1054
•  Axis M1114
•  Axis M1311
•  Axis M3014
•  Axis M3113-VE
•  Axis M3114-VE
•  Axis M3204
•  Axis P1214
•  Axis P1346
•  Axis P1347
•  Axis P3301
•  Axis P3344 Dome Camera
•  Axis P5532 PTZ Dome Camera
•  Axis Q1755
•  Axis Q1910 Thermal Network Camera
•  Axis Q6032 PTZ with PTZ control

Basler IP Surveillance Cameras

•  Basler BIP-1000C

Bosch IP Cameras

•  Bosch NBC-255
•  Bosch Dinion NBN-832 1080p Night&Day

Brickcom IP Cameras

•  Brickcom CB-101A
•  Brickcom CB-102A
•  Brickcom OB-130Np
•  Brickcom all other models experimental

Canon IP Cameras

•  Canon VB-C10 (experimental)
•  Canon VB-C50 (experimental)
•  Canon VB-C60 (experimental)
•  Canon VB-C300 (experimental)
•  Canon VB-H610 (experimental)
•  Canon VB-H710
•  Canon VB-M40 (experimental)

Cisco IP Cameras

•  Cisco CIVS-IPC-2611

D-Link IP Surveillance Cameras

•  D-Link DCS-900
•  D-Link DCS-900W
•  D-Link DCS-932L
•  D-Link DCS-942L
•  D-Link DCS-1000W
•  D-Link DCS-6010L
•  D-Link DCS-6511
•  D-Link DCS-6815
•  D-Link DCS-G900 WLAN Camera

DB POWER Kameras

•  DB Power VA035K

Digi-Lan (Abus) IP Surveillance Cameras

•  Digi-Lan TV7203

Edimax IP Cameras

•  Edimax IC-3005
•  Edimax IC-3015Wn
•  Edimax IC-3115W

ELRO IP Cameras

•  ELRO C803IP (experimental)
•  ELRO C900 (experimental)
•  ELRO C901 (experimental)
•  ELRO C903IP (experimental)
•  ELRO C903IP.2
•  ELRO C904IP (experimental)
•  ELRO C7031IP (experimental)

Foscam IP Cameras

•  Foscam 18904W (experimental)
•  Foscam 18905W (experimental)
•  Foscam 18910W (experimental)
•  Foscam FI9805W

Grandtec IP Cameras

•  Grand Mega Pixel Wi-Fi Camera

Grundig IP Cameras

•  Grundig GCI-K1526T Camera

Hamelet IP Cameras

•  Hamlet HNIPC30


•  Hunt HLV 1CAD

INTELLINET Network Camera

How to record a INTELLINET network camera with C-MOR

•  INTELLINET NSC18-WN, with PT control

INSTAR IP cameras

•  INSTAR IN-2905
•  INSTAR IN-3010
•  INSTAR IN-4010 (no PTZ control support)
•  INSTAR IN-5907 HD

JVC IP Surveillance Cameras

•  JVC VN-V686 outdoor PTZ camera
•  JVC VN Series Cameras

Level1 IP Surveillance Cameras

How to record a Level1 IP camera with C-MOR

•  LevelOne FCS-0010
•  LevelOne FCS-0020 with PT control
•  LevelOne FCS-0030
•  LevelOne FCS-1010 with PT control
•  LevelOne FCS-1040 with PTZ control
•  LevelOne FCS-1070
•  LevelOne FCS-1081
•  LevelOne FCS-1091
•  LevelOne FCS-1151 2 Mega Pixel
•  LevelOne FCS-3000 Dome Camera
•  LevelOne FCS-3021 Dome Camera
•  LevelOne FCS-3031 Dome PoE Camera
•  LevelOne FCS-3051 Dome PoE Infrared Camera
•  LevelOne FCS-3061 Dome Infrared Camera
•  LevelOne FCS-3071 Dome Camera
•  LevelOne FCS-3081 Dome Infrared Camera
•  LevelOne FCS-3091 Camera
•  LevelOne FCS-5011 night vision with infrared, low light IP camera
•  LevelOne FCS-5030 night vision with infrared, low light IP camera
•  LevelOne FCS-5041 night vision, infrared, low light IP and PoE
•  LevelOne FCS-5042 night vision, infrared, low light IP and PoE
•  LevelOne FCS-5051 night vision, infrared, low light IP and PoE
•  LevelOne FCS-6010 night vision, infrared, pan/tilt
•  LevelOne FCS-7011 analoge digital video converter
•  LevelOne FCS-7111 analoge digital video converter
•  LevelOne WCS-0010
•  LevelOne WCS-1090
•  LevelOne WCS-2010 with PT control
•  LevelOne WCS-2040 with PTZ control
•  LevelOne WCS-6020 with PTZ control

Linksys IP Surveillance Cameras

How to record a Linksys-Cisco IP camera with C-MOR

•  Linksys by Cisco PVC300
•  Linksys by Cisco PVC2300
•  Linksys by Cisco WVC210

Logilink IP Cameras

•  Logilink WC0009
•  Logilink WC0012

Lorex IP Cameras

•  IPSC Series (experimental)
•  IP1240 (experimental)
•  L23WD (experimental)
•  LNC226x (experimental)
•  LNE3003 (experimental)

Lupus Electronics IP Cameras


Mobotix IP Cameras

How to record a Mobotix IP camera with C-MOR

•  Mobotix M1
•  Mobotix M10 Secure Night/Day
•  Mobotix M22M-Sec
•  Mobotix M22M IT
•  Mobotix D24

Panasonic IP Cameras

How to record a Panasonic IP camera with C-MOR

•  Panasonic BL-C1A
•  Panasonic BL-C111A with PT Control
•  Panasonic BL-C210 with PT Control
•  Panasonic BL-C30A
•  Panasonic BL-C131A
•  Panasonic KX-HCM230
•  Panasonic KX-HCM270
•  Panasonic KX-HCM280
•  Panasonic WV-NS202AE
•  Panasonic WV-NP240/G
•  Panasonic WV-SP102
•  Panasonic WV-SP105
•  Panasonic WV-SP305


•  PLANET ICA HM-131 IP camera

Santec Video Security

•  Santec IP Server SVS-1001

Scricam PTZ

•  Scricam PTZ

Secplan IP Cameras

•  Secplan IP Cameras

SMC Networks IP Cameras

•  SMC night vision, wireless camera SMCWIPCFN-G2
•  SMC night vision, PTZ, wireless camera SMCWIPCAM-PZ

Siemens IP Cameras

•  Siemens CVMS-2025
•  Various models experimental

Sony IP Cameras

How to record a Sony IP camera with C-MOR

•  Sony SNC-CH180 night vision
•  Sony SNC-CH210 PoE
•  Sony SNC-CS20
•  Sony SNC-DH260
•  Sony SNC-DS10
•  Sony SNC-EP521
•  Sony-SNC RZ25P PTZ
•  Sony-SNC RZ30P PTZ


•  Sricam (various models)

StentofonBaudisch IP-Door-Cameras

•  Baudisch.CP-CAM-Steel
•  Baudisch.CP-CAM-Paneleinbau-IP65
•  Baudisch.CP-CAM-Vario
•  Baudisch.CP-CAM-Pin
•  Baudisch.CP-CAM-Door
•  Baudisch.CP-CAM-OEM


•  IP391W (experimental)
•  IP602W (experimental)
•  IPROBOT2 (experimental)
•  IPROBOT3 (experimental)
•  JPT3815W (experimental)
•  MINI319W (experimental)

TP-Link IP Cameras

•  TL-SC3171G

Trendnet IP Cameras

How to record a Trendnet IP camera with C-MOR

•  Trendnet TV-IP100
•  Trendnet TV-IP110
•  Trendnet TV-IP100W
•  Trendnet TV-IP200
•  Trendnet TV-IP201W
•  Trendnet TV-IP300
•  Trendnet TV-IP301W
•  Trendnet TV-IP312W
•  Trendnet TV-IP400W
•  Trendnet TV-IP422W
•  Trendnet TV-IP572 PI
•  TrendNet TV IP672 PI

•  Veo IP1100

Vicon Kameras

•  Vicon V951D-N312

Visicom IP Cameras

•  Visicom N3071
•  Visicom N6071
•  Visicom N9071

Vivotek IP Cameras

How to record a Vivotek IP camera with C-MOR

•  Currently, all Vivotek IP Camera Models are supported
•  Vivotek FD7131
•  Vivotek FD8134
•  Vivotek IB8168-c
•  Vivotek IB8364-c
•  Vivotek IB8396
•  Vivotek IP7133
•  Vivotek IP7138
•  Vivotek IP7139
•  Vivotek IP7142 Night Vision, PoE
•  Vivotek IP8371E, Night Vision, 3 Mega Pixel, PoE
•  Vivotek PT3112 incl. PT Control
•  Vivotek PZ6114 incl. PTZ Control
•  Vivotek PZ6124
•  Vivotek SD7151, Dome PTZ Camera
•  Vivotek WDR FD 7141, Fixed Dome Camera

Wanscam IP Cameras

•  Wanscam XHA4020A2

Y-Cam IP Cameras

•  Y-Cam Black
•  Y-Cam Knight
•  Y-Cam White

Zonet IP Cameras

How to record a Zonet IP camera with C-MOR

•  Zonet Wireless ZVC7630W

•  IP9100A 4-Port Analog digital converter

Following cameras should work with C-MOR due to manufacturer information:

•  Many ABUS models
•  ABUS Digi-Lan TV7203
•  All Axis models
•  Airlink101 SkyIPCam500 and SkyIPCam500W
•  ACTi models of the newer series with most current firmware
•  All Arecont vision models
•  HUNT HLC-81i
•  Mobotix D12D-Sec
•  Mobotix M12D-Sec
•  Mobotix M12D-Sec-Night
•  Vivotek IP8830
•  Vivotek IP8832
•  Vivotek PT3122

4XEM Network IP Cameras

•  4XEM W45
•  4XEM W80

Video surveillance of analog cameras

IP Video Surveillance with analoge cameras

C-MOR is able to record existing CCTV cameras which
are already installed!

Is your camera not listed? Feel free to fill out the C-MOR video contact form to ask us to test C-MOR with your existing camera. We are sure we can help you!

Visit the IP video surveillance feature list of C-MOR NVR to learn about the functions C-MOR benefits to IP cameras!

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