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C-MOR Video Surveillance Applications

Video Surveillance System

C-MOR Video Surveillance Applications


C-MOR has many application examples. Have a look, see more!

Connect your alarm system to an IP video surveillance system   Connect an alarm system with the video surveillance C-MOR

C-MOR connects to alarm systems through a little converter from Barix. Learn how this system works and what the benefits are!

Shoplifters caught by video surveillance   Video Surveillance in stores. That bold shoplifting is happening.

Thieves come in teams and simply steal what they need and want. Looks like nothing can stop them, but the video surveillance helps to identify the thieves and assure the insurance pays.

  Who takes care when people are not home? Video surveillance monitors houses 24/7.

Watch an example how a burglar simply takes his chance that nobody is at home. He searches for a break in point, but rather escapes after seeing he was caught by C-MOR video surveillance.

Video surveillance takes care of your horse, stable or a foal birth   Video surveillance of horses, stables or a foal birth

No matter where you are. C-MOR Video Surveillance takes take of your horses, the feeding and if you expect a foal. See more on the road with your iPhone, iPad or other mobile device!

Time terminal video surveillance and superimpose text into video automatically   Give time clock cheaters no chance. C-MOR flashes time stamps into videos

One great application is the automatic text flashing of text, data into videos. C-MOR connects to time terminals and flashes ID card info into surveillance videos. This way all information is superimposed into the video what cheaters gives no chance!

Video surveillance of far-flung places   Video surveillance of far-flung places

In many cases remote access is not working in common ways over the Internet. C-MOR invented a special remote access technology to access the video surveillance system through UMTS/LTE connections even when no static IP or Dynamic DNS is not working.

Overview of video surveillance application areas

Video Surveillance from Home

Fast motion recordings. Time-lapse videos of scenic views

Video Surveillance of data centers with employee id superimposing

Video surveillance from home. See what is going on at work from your sofa

Control your PTZ camera on your mobile device with C-MOR

Video surveillance with the iPhone. Use your iPhone to control cameras, watch live and watch recordings.

Video surveillance with the iPad. It's so convenient to use C-MOR [see more] on the sofa

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