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Apple Mac video surveillance
Video Surveillance System

Apple Mac video surveillance C-MOR server, virtual machine and free virtual machine

The video surveillance system C-MOR is optimized for the use with Apple Mac computers and even runs on it as virtual machine

Video surveillance C-MOR free VM
The video surveillance system C-MOR is available for Mac Computers, Windows Computers, Linux Systems and other platforms. All major components of a surveillance system, the central recording station (C-MOR self), the client or watch recordings and the cameras work on Macs:

C-MOR Video Surveillance Start Screen in Apple Macs Safari Browser
The C-MOR web in the Apple Safari Browser on a Mac Computer

C-MOR is available as server appliance or as virtual machine. The virtual machine version runs on an Apple Mac computer, too. The management interface in the Virtualisation system VirtualBox looks as follows:

C-MOR Video Surveillance VirtualBox version on Mac

C-MOR in VirtualBox on an Apple Mac Computer

Are you ready for the first video surveillance online demo? Click here to get to the online demo!

Did you notice it was not necessary to install any software to do a full test of the video surveillance system with your Apple Mac?

C-MOR video surveillance on Apple Mac has the following key features:

•  Full functional video surveillance which is available as server appliance
•  No software installation for any client platform (Mac, Linux, Windows etc.)
•  Recordings play in Quicktime
•  Full support for Mac Computers for the server self. No Windows required.
•  Preview with mouse-over-function, video download and video playback
•  Motion detection, e-mail alarm, time tables for motion detection
   and general video surveillance
•  Simple and easy to understand web interface in English with online manuals
•  Support for iPad, iPhone and mobile devices
•  Support for many well-known camera models like 4XEM, Axis, Level1,
   Panasonic, Sony and many more
•  Access over Internet, from everywhere without software installation on
   Macs, PCs, Notebooks, iPads or iPhones
PTZ Control of an Active-X camera with an Apple Mac Computer

There is no risk for anybody. Get the free version and do a long time test!

Click here to get the free C-MOR Free VM for VirtualBox which runs on Macs!

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