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Alarm system with video surveillance
Video Surveillance System

Alarm System with Video Surveillance

Connect a video surveillance system to an alarm system


Many companies and individuals protect their buildings and their valuables inside with an alarm system. In the case of an alarm usually a security company or the police are informed. Some alarms are sent to responsible persons or the owner by a text (SMS) message. But in the alarm case it cannot be viewed, or checked why the alarm was caused. Also, there are no video recordings in the case of a burglary. This gap is closed with the connection of C-MOR to alarm systems. Video recordings are generated and sent by email according to text (SMS) messages. This way the recordings are safe in a mailbox and cannot be taken away by the burglar. Furthermore it can be watched what happened to the protected object immediately.   Watch alarm events with video surveillance from everywhere

Live view and video recordings can be reviewed with a handheld device or an iPhone. The owner can see everything that happened and can inform the police if it's required. This way everybody simply gets an enhanced safety.

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