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Video Surveillance from Home

Video Surveillance System

Easily evertything in view from home.

Video Surveillance from Home Application Area and Function

A business owner cannot always be at the company to make sure all things are right. Common video surveillance systems only allow you to watch recordings at the location the surveillance system is running. With C-MOR it is possible to access cameras, as well as previous recordings, remotely from home. Just have a brief look on the home computer and you are sure everything is right in the company.

Video Surveillance from Home Used Components

C-MOR3P, Linksys router, 3x Trendnet cameras.

Video Surveillance from Home
With C-MOR it is very convenient to access camera recordings even through low bandwidth Internet connections. The Mouse-Over-Video Preview plays the first seconds of a recording online without downloading huge recordings. Quick and easy the preview gives an idea what happened in the previewed surveillance video. Also, long recordings with high amounts of video data, in example recorded from mega pixel IP cameras, are previewed very quick.

PDF-Download: Application example: Video Surveillance from Home
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