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Shoplifting video surveillance

Video Surveillance System

Shop Surveillance with cameras and motion detection

Shoplifting? Convictable and Easily Proven

Shop Surveillance. This system records on Motion Detection.

•  Shop surveillance complete set with cameras

•  Control from the cash register or side room

•  No software, also use it quickly from the Internet

•  Recording only on motion detection

•  Thefts can quickly be found through the quick search

•  Recordings are reliable evidence for the police

•  Acquisition costs are amortized in short time

The video surveillance system C-MOR qualifies very well for the surveillance of shops. Through the motion detection it is easy to find scenes later quickly, that have been seen live in the overview life. Recordings can be watched with a simple click and copied as evidence. Thieves are easily caught.

C-MOR is installed on many shops like Jewelers and retail stores where theft has gone down effectively. The acquisition costs were amortized within 2 months only. Don't wait longer and do something against theft in your shop with C-MOR Video Surveillance.

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