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Video Surveillance System

Video Surveillance System C-MOR administrator screenshots

Review how easy it is to administer the video surveillance C-MOR

The administrator screenshots illustrate how easy and intuitive it is to use the video surveillance system C-MOR. The whole configuration of the system works through the web browser without the installation of any software. Simply switch C-MOR on and access it through the web. Watching surveillance videos, searching motion detection events, watch single frames etc. simply need a web browser. It's not necessary to read manuals prior using C-MOR. C-MOR is easy to understand for everybody.

Global System Administration Settings

Screenshot Video Surveillance Administration 1
System Administration 1
Screenshot Video Surveillance Administration 2
System Administration 2
Screenshot Video Surveillance Administration 3
System Administration 3
Screenshot Video Surveillance Administration 4
System Administration 4
Screenshot Video Surveillance Administration 5
System Administration 5
Screenshot Video Surveillance Administration 6
System Administration 6
Screenshot Video Surveillance Administration 7
System Administration 7

Settings for Users

Video Surveillance User Configuration Screenshot 1
User Configuration 1

Video Surveillance User Configuration Screenshot 2
User Configuration 2
Set for each user to which camera and recordings access is permitted. Users can have access to all or single cameras only. Also, the administrator can set the stream mode of the live view for each user individual and grant users the right to change these settings or not. This way it is possible to set up a user to see the front entrance camera, but not all other cameras or recordings.

The script stream delay helps if C-MOR is accessed over a slow Internet link. The live view is slowed down by this parameter, but therefor the view works better. A delay parameter helps also to download video recordings faster in that case.

Learn how to create a new user with C-MOR an set permissions for 1 camera only

Camera Configuration Settings

Video Surveillance Camera Configuration 1
Camera Configuration 1
Video Surveillance Camera Configuration 2
Camera Configuration 2
Video Surveillance Camera Configuration 3
Camera Configuration 3
Video Surveillance Camera Configuration 4
Camera Configuration 4
Video Surveillance Camera Configuration 5
Camera Configuration 5
Video Surveillance Camera Configuration 6
Camera Configuration 6
Video Surveillance Camera Configuration 7
Camera Configuration 7
The configuration of IP cameras is very easy and intuitive. C-MOR offers a web interface to handle all configuration parameters for the recording of IP cameras.

The basic IP camera parameters are IP address of the camera, TCP-IP port, username and password for the access. The camera type is selectable through a pre-defined camera type list. If the camera is not listed, an extra field offers the opportunity to set up an unknown motion JPEG or JPEG camera. Camera types can all the time updated over Internet. Also the frame per second rate for motion detection and permanent recordings is set in the camera configuration page of C-MOR.

Motion detection, permanent time-lapse recordings, alarm emails and so on are configured in seconds. Also, time based configurations, motion sensitivity, motion area masks, email addresses for alarm receipts are configured separately for each IP camera.


Software and Camera Update Pages

Video Surveillance Camera Data Update Web Page
Camera Update
Update C-MOR via Web Page
Software Update
Camera model updates are free to everybody with no limit. Whenever an IP camera gets approved by C-MOR it will be added to the free IP camera downloads.

Software updates are available for all full version of C-MOR. This includes the appliance as well as the full video surveillance virtual machine version.

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The screenshots of the C-MOR video surveillance admin view illustrate how easy it is, to manage this video surveillance system. However, the admin mode cannot be tested with the open demo server, since test settings quickly breaks the system. If you want to test the admin mode of C-MOR then use our contact form and select the admin mode test or call us to get access to a dedicated test video surveillance server.

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