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iPhone video surveillance

Video Surveillance System
Video surveillance with the iPhone.

Access your video surveillance system worldwide with your iPhone. Wherever you are and you have a link to the GSM network, you can access your video surveillance system with your iPhone without the installation of an App. You can also access your ActiveX/Java IP camera which does not support iPhone access through C-MOR. You can also play video surveillance recordings raised by motion detection beside the video surveillance live view with the iPhone.

All C-MORs have the iPhone interface integrated and support also receiving surveillance videos sent by e-mail. Once an e-mail was sent to an iPhone which includes a surveillance event it's simply possible to tap on the video to watch it directly on the iPhone.

Play IP camera recordings in many different resolutions on your iPhone; 1280x1024,1024x768, 704x576, 640x480 and many more standard resolutions.

Video surveillance system with iPhone support for 3 channels: C-MOR3VM

For iPhone Owners:

Would you like to see on the road what happens at home or at your company?

•   Live View with the iPhone
•   Simple look after what happened yesterday
•   Recordings of IP cameras (webcams), e.g. Axis, LevelOne, Mobotix, Panasonic, Sony and many more
•   Very simple Installation, really establised in few minutes only!
•   No App Installation on the iPhone. Simply start and use it.
•   Simply look after from everywhere if all is alright
•   Simple control of moveable cameras (PTZ cams) even it works with ActiveX/JavaScript only!
•   And many more!

What are you waiting for? Test it now and open in your iPhone Safari Browser:

Video Surveillance Live View with the iPhone
Fig. 1: The Live View with the iPhone
Video Surveillance: The iPhone Video Selection MenuiPhone
Fig. 2: The iPhone Video Selection Menu
Video Surveillance: Receive Alarm Video Emails with iPhone
Fig. 3: Receive Video Emails with iPhone
Video Surveillance: Play iPhone Email Video Recording
Fig. 4: Play Video Alarm Email with iPhone

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