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Vivotek IP camera recording with motion detection

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How to record a Vivotek IP camera with motion detection

This web page describes how to record a Vivotek IP camera with motion detection and time-lapse permanent recordings. C-MOR is very easy and quick to understand. It takes a view seconds only and C-MOR records an IP camera. Optimization in motion detection or the length of recordings can be done later. C-MOR supports a wide range of IP cameras which are all available in the configuration menu. Simply select the camera you want to hook up to C-MOR and all is done.

C-MOR video surveillance is configured by web interface only. All settings are made through the web management surface.

Log in to your C-MOR video surveillance system. Simple enter the IP address of the C-MOR in your web browser window. You can get a Free version of C-MOR, software version or a C-MOR video surveillance appliance from this web page.

A C-MOR3, a video surveillance system for 3 cams, will show following start web page with all IP cameras disabled:

IP camera surveillance C-MOR start page


Vivotek IP camera

Download the Free VM Edition of C-MOR

All the configuration parameters of C-MOR are in the System Administration menu. This includes also the settings for IP cameras.

Please select the System Administration menu on top of the C-MOR web page to setup your Vivotek IP camera.

Enter the System Administration Page

Scroll down to the section where you can configure IP cameras and select for example the first IP camera, cam1:

Select the IP camera you want to set up

Once you are in the IP camera configuration menu of camera one, you simply enter the IP address of the Vivotek camera. Also the access data, username and password, as well as the TCP/IP Port. This port is mostly number 80:

Enter die IP address of the Vivotek camera

Now select your Vivotek IP camera model from the Cam Type selection menu and then press Save Configuration. At this point all required parameters for a basic motion and time-lapse recordings are made already:

Select your Vivotek IP camera model from the menu

After the settings have been saved the Vivotek IP camera has to be enabled by clicking simply on "Start recording" in the Saved Configuration page.

Start the IP camera recording

The status shows now, that recording for the Vivotek IP camera has been activated:

The Vivotek IP camera recording is active now

If all parameters are right, it will show in the next page (the start page) the live view of the camera:

Start screen with live view of just activated Vivotek camera

Now it's time to do some testing. Click on the cam1 menu on top and verify when motion recordings are generated. From this menu you simply click on "Cam Configuration" to optimize the parameters for motion recording, alarm emails, with or without attached videos, the length of single recordings and so on.

Please visit the video surveillance screenshots page to review more C-MOR functions

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