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Video surveillance of a horse stable
Video Surveillance System

Application example:

Remote video surveillance of a horse stable without Internet connectivity

Watch your horse around the globe with video surveillance!

Application Area and Function

Many locations are not reachable by phone, Internet (DSL/cable) connectivity. Typical Internet connections cannot be established in many remote locations preventing the deployment of many advanced C-MOR functions. C-MOR's solution to this problem is to go wireless. With the help of the cellular/UMTS technology, outlying locations can now be monitored. C-MOR has the technology, as shown in this Application Example, to control your far-flung site. You are able to watch live on the cameras and earlier generated recordings. You can use your iPad, iPhone, laptop or Mac to watch C-MOR and the recordings.

The formation of dust is not a problem for the fanless video surveillance C-MOR3M!

Used Video Surveillance Components

C-MOR3, cellular/UMTS-Router, 1x night vision camera

Video surveillance for horses can beviewd on many different devices

The list of advantages is long and many incidents let horse owners decide to install a video surveillance system in the stable. Very often the groom just is not reliable at all. Horses get the wrong feed or way too late. Unwanted visitors feed the horse with candy or other unhealthful goodies. Sick horses are unattended and it happens quickly the owner simply notifies too late that horse is badly ill. The list is endless, but with C-MOR you have the chance to avoid this huge list of problems.

Watch here a video surveillance recording of a foal birth!

Application example remote ip video surveillance of a horse stable

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