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Video Surveillance of a Foal Birth
Video Surveillance System

Video Surveilance Recording of a Foal Birth

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•  Watch live from home when a foal is born

•  Watch the birth recordings later

•  Forward videos to friends and the veterinarian

•  Mare may hold up the birth when people are present,
   with C-MOR you can watch remote arrive in time

•  Low light cameras for night vision

•  Watch on the road with your iPhone or Android phone

•  Give remote access to your veterinarian

•  More security for foals, horses and the stable

You can set your mind at rest when C-MOR is on duty and is recording all about your mare and the expected foal. Even when you are on the road, far away following your job you can easily take care of your horse on your iPhone. You simply connect to your C-MOR Video Surveillance and make sure things are all right.

A foal birth can start complicated, when the mare holds up the birth since it's nervous because of the people who are around in the stable. Leave you horse alone and watch remotely with C-MOR and go to the stable just right in time.

Read here how to implement the horse stable video surveillance

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