Home video surveillance is an effective burglar protection
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Home Security with Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance System

Home Security Surveillance with Motion Detection

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•  Get alarm if a burglar is around at your home

•  Use your iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone etc.

•  Email Video Alarm. You will be informed about Motion

•  Watch from the road live and recordings

•  Recordings raised by detected Motion only

•  C-MOR Security Surveillance Complete Solution

•  Unpack - Switch on - Play

•  Control over Internet and Web Page. No Software

•  Check out your home at work

The home security surveillance C-MOR protects from burglary. Video surveillance can reduce burglary up to 30%. With C-MOR you will receive alarm on your cell phone (mobile phone, smart phone, iPhone or Android) on the road. You simply tip into your mailbox and watch the video surveillance recording from your home you just received. If you see your neighbor brings in your mail then all is fine. If you do not like what you see you simply call the police!

C-MOR can be connected to home alarm systems with an adapter. If your home alarm system detects an alarm it notifies C-MOR. C-MOR then simply generates an alarm video which it sends automatically in an email to your phone. You can see then what happened. False alarms because of animals or kids are quickly identified. Learn more about alarm systems and video surveillance.

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