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Camera surveillance application
Video Surveillance System

Camera surveillance application

Discover the possibilities - C-MOR Camera surveillance does for sure more than you think:

Where C-MOR Camera Surveillance already works reliable:

C-MOR entrance camera surveillance Entrance areas

Entrances, drive ways,
doors, gates, parking lots,
ways, etc.
Camera surveillance C-MOR in rooms and areas Rooms and areas

Surveillance of critical rooms, areas.
In this example temperature monitoring and SMS (text) alarm in conjunction with an alarm system.
Camera surveillance C-MOR of point of sale and cash register Point of sale and cash register
Monitored here is the point of sales at the checkout desk with C-MOR. Cash amounts are flashed and saved real-time in the video recording
Camera surveillance C-MOR of buildings and gates Buildings and gates

Millions lost by graffiti artists.
C-MOR has detected the artist as motion and recorded the offender. This has lead to a later identification of the artist while watching the motion recordings.
Video surveillance C-MOR of public areas Public areas

Public facilities fall victim more and more to teenage vandalism. C-MOR makes things right by clear recordings and a high degree of prevention.
Video surveillance C-MOR of tourism advancement Tourism advancement

The world wide access on the current live picture of mountain lifts is enhancing the tourism. C-MOR show the live view of the lifts and generates fascinating recordings.
Video surveillance C-MOR for access control Access control

You never know who's in front of the door unless you own a C-MOR video surveillance system. C-MOR protects you from opening doors and gates for the wrong people.
Video surveillance C-MOR of stables and animals Stables and animals

This farmer saved many trips to the stable. From anywhere in the world, he can check out if things are right. Thanks to UMTS, the video data downloads without DSL or cable to the internet.
Video surveillance C-MOR with spy cams for investigation Spy cams for investigation

These tiny cameras can be hidden almost anywhere. We design applications of this systems under legal requirements.

What can C-MOR camera surveillance do for you? Monitoring and recording in the area of:

Retail/Small business People in need of care
Hotels & Restaurants Vacation homes
Industry facilities Production plants
Machine monitoring Fun and landscape live view
Entrance area/foyer Use as webcam
Parking lots and underground garages Advertising purposes
Storage area Trade shows
Schools and kindergarten Events
Playgrounds and youth centres Monitoring of buildings
IT-Security (server room, access) Theft/vandalism prevention
Stables (horses, cattle, etc.) Children's room
Medical practices ... where would you like to see more?

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