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Video Surveillance PTZ on Mobile Device
Video Surveillance System

Application Example Video Surveillance

Operating a PTZ camera with a mobile device

Video Surveillance PTZ Control on Mobile Device

Various enterprises own production halls that are run by multi-shift operations. In many cases production runs 24/7 but production managers cannot be present all the time. C-MOR Video enables you to check with a mobile device like a handheld device (Windows Mobile, iPhone, iPad, Android, mobile phone, etc.) that everything is all right. For this purpose C-MOR-Video offers an interface for mobile devices with PTZ functions. By this means a PTZ camera can be easily operated via mobile device. The camera can either be panned, tilted and zoomed or operated in a pre-defined position. With only a click the camera focuses on the assembly line, with another click on machine number 2 etc.

A production hall can be effectively monitored from outside or on the road by one or two PTZ cameras.

Video Surveillance used Components

C-MOR3P, Linksys router, Sony RZ25P PTZ cameras

Video Surveillance: Operate a PTZ Camera with your Mobile Device (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc.)

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